Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mugs and Muffins

 I have had such a fun weekend but I am WORN OUT! I believe I will spend the next few weeks doing NOTHING until Hollis comes! ha!  Friday we spent almost all day making muffins for our "Mugs and Muffins" today.  There were 6 of us who made the muffins and we had a great time but it was HARD work! Here are Laurie and Bethany working hard!
 I have no idea how many muffins we made - but I think it was close to 500.  I have no desire to work in a bakery. ha!
 Friday afternoon I picked up Angie from the airport.  She brought her middle daughter Kate and I LOVED that she did because she is so fun! Laurie and I took her them out to eat Friday night at Mimi's. Our women's director, Lorrel, joined us! We had such a good time and stayed at the restaurant forever just talking!
 I'm a little mortified by all pictures taken this weekend because I am CLEARLY looking 9 months pregnant. My face has caught up with me. Whoooo!  This was us this morning before Angie spoke.  She did such an amazing job.  Angie has such a great testimony and has the biggest heart for sharing Christ. She is also so funny and just so easy to be around.  She's one of those people I think I could talk to for hours and not run out of things to say.  I was so excited to get to spend time with her this weekend!

 We were so excited to have a big crowd and Angie signed books and was able to visit with a lot of them afterwards.  We had groups drive in from Memphis and Dallas and other places to see her.  I told them - any excuse for a girls trip away was a great one!!!
 Yes Angie is Godly, pretty, a wonderful writer............and she also sews. Isn't this dress adorable she made Kate. I kept laughing because I'm fairly certain Kate is Harper in 3 more years.  She is a BIG personality and a busy girl.  We talked about how they both don't sleep. They just have too much going on.  Angie said she knew Kate was going to be an amazing women for God one day and that's how I feel about Harper.
 Angie signing books!  She had an early flight so we had to rush off very quickly and get her to the airport on time.  I wish it could have lasted longer but I hope we will see each other again. I'm just so glad she was able to come and share with us.  She is touring with Women of Faith so you need to find out if she is coming near you and GO!!!
My parents came yesterday and helped with Harper while I was busy doing everything and then my mom came today (and took most of these pictures).  They stopped by to see Harper again before they left.  She was SO excited! I guess the next time they see her it will be the day the she becomes a big sister.  They won't just have one baby girl to spoil - there will be two!

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