Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making my list and checking it twice

So while my friend Sydney is off having her sweet baby Emerson - I'm filling in for her and blogging for the local news. Part of that includes skyping in to the morning news once a week.  I did it today and was so nervous.

You can watch it at that link.  I have to be honest and say I got up and put on makeup and fixed my hair and a sweater but I was wearing Scott's shorts on the bottom. ha! Scott was horrified - he was worried they might make me stand up. ha! I realized last night I had to start sleeping in Scott's shorts because I no longer can fit into any PJ pants.  I hardly sleep at night anymore and I think half of it is the pants kept cutting off my circulation. ha!

 I got tickled because I DVR'd the news and Harper watched it with me and she kept looking at it and smiling and looking at me and saying "MOMMA!" and then she would say "Daddy - MOMMA!" and point to the TV! I think she thought for just a minute I was almost as cool as Elmo! :-)
 I think I've gone into nesting mode - not so much in a cleaning way but I'm trying to get everything done before Hollis comes. Today I went to the eye doctor AND the dentist.  Not two of my favorite things but they are done for a while. I'm almost blind and had to wear braces forever and Scott has superman vision and perfect teeth so I'm praying hard that the girls will take after him!
 I made Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti to take to a family at church tonight. Oh MY WORD - it looked so good. I'm going to double it and make two pans to freeze later this week! You have to try it!
All I really have left to do is pack my bag and get the pack and play, swing, bouncy seat all set up! I can do that in the next week or two! I can't believe I'm so close.

Oh and over on the KNWA blog - I'm asking for advice for getting a toddler to do independent play if you have any suggestions............................................(or need some yourself!)

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