Thursday, January 13, 2011

We didn't start the Fire

 Our play group has decided to change things up this year.  We are only meeting once a month in a formal group but once a month my friend Kacy is organizing outings for us.  I'm so glad she is the Social Chairman because if I was I would probably be like "um - we could go to the park?".  She has already planned a bunch of fun, free outings like visiting an assisted living home (watch out elderly people!) and today we went to visit our town's new fire station. 
 Alex and Emily.  They are a month apart and have been in play group (and Sunday school and choir, etc) since they were newborns together and are sweet friends.  They are the oldest in our group.
 Neely, Harper and Sarah Kate.  These are the two girls Harper loves the most. I hear their names every day at home. ha! We were waiting for our tour. (and if you read Laurie's blog - you will recognize that SK was indeed wearing her monkey shirt. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles. ha!)
 The firemen pulled out some dummies used for classes and guess who ran up to touch them first! All my friends were laughing because Harper was excited to see a mannequin. It doesn't matter what they look like!
(Harper also spent most of the tour pulling down her jeans and scratching her little booty. My little girl - she is a delicate flower. ha!)

 The fire station is really nice but we only got a short tour because the fire alarm went off pretty soon after we started and we had to leave.  Now we live in a small town and there aren't a lot of fires - so we are all suspicious that one of the firemen pulled the alarm to get us to leave.  I mean we did have about 25-30 kids four and under.  What do you think? ha!
And P.S. Single Girls - you need to find a reason to visit the local fire station.  All I'm saying is there were several cute single firemen working at ours. That's all I'm going to say. :-) Hint Hint! ;-)
 After our quick exit from the fire station we all headed to Chick-fil-a for lunch and play.  Always a good time headed there with 20 plus kids and moms.  But we are used to the chaos. We hadn't been there in months so Harper had fun playing in the playground. She didn't want to eat she was so excited. Brody (hugging her) shared his nuggets with "Harper Brown".  He likes to call her both names. They are so cute but he declared to me at MDO yesterday (out of the blue) that he did not plan to marry "Harper Brown" but his younger brother could. ha!
After such a busy morning - I'm hoping we will have a good nap in store for us! I love days like today and exploring new things with Harper!

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