Saturday, January 22, 2011

Singles, Stomach bug, Snow days, Special parties, and Sibling Outfits

So first of all - don't forget to scroll down and check out the Singles Day post below! I think there are a few love connections in the works and I'm SOOOOO excited! IF you participated and meet someone and sparks fly and dates happen - PLEASE let me know. I think I speak for everyone when I say "WE WANT UPDATES PEOPLE!!!!!"

So we've had an eventful few days. Wednesday night we were up all night because Harper had the stomach bug. There is really nothing worse. Bless her heart - I HATE having a sick kid. You just feel so helpless. We didn't sleep but maybe an hour the whole night. And then Thursday it snowed. So we have spent the last few days at home.  We have stayed in our pj's and played with play dough, read books, watched Elmo DVD's and anything else I could think of to keep her occupied.
I've been working on cleaning out closets to make room for Hollis. I have started hanging up all of Harper's clothes for Hollis and I barely remember some of the outfits. They are so tiny! I can't believe she was ever that small.  I found my wedding veil and let Harper try it on.  Scott did not like the looks of that. ha!

We had a miracle night on Thursday night.  Harper was catching up on her sleep I guess and she slept ALL NIGHT and didn't wake up until 9:30.  Now I realize that is a normal thing at probably 88% of your houses when you have 2 year olds but it's once in a lifetime for us.  She even took a 3 hour nap on Friday.  I thought to myself  "So this is how most moms feel every day".  Be thankful if you have a child who sleeps. We were back to being up from 1-3 a.m. last night and basically no nap today.  I'm determined Hollis is going to be a sleeper. :-) I have all the books and sleep training programs memorized this time!
Today we had a birthday party to go to and I was SOOOOOO thankful because I get cabin fever when I am stuck at home for several days in a row.  I was so excited to go and play! It was basically all the same friends who were at Harper's party last week - same place, and same time! We all said we were afraid our kids were going to get used to this.
Neely and Sarah Kate.  Bless Laurie's heart - she had on the monkey shirt today. (she wants to wear it every day)
These 3 girls are best friends and I think they are so sweet. They had a sleepover last week and I loved hearing about it and thinking about how fun it will be in about 3 years when Harper starts having sleepovers with her best friends! I can't wait!
The birthday girl Ella Kate and her twin sisters Ruby and Molly.  These are the most precious girls!!!!
Harper and her friend Alex. They are a month apart and I think they are so cute. I thought it was so sweet because Harper kept reaching over and patting Alex on the back. 
OH happy day - cake time!
I had to share this - I got a package today from a sweet blog friend Rikki.  It's a small world because I went to college with her husband and he was the nicest guy. She sent matching outfits for the girls and I could die they are so cute! I thought I wouldn't get into matching outfits - but I have managed to gather up a few so far and I just can hardly wait until the day the girls can wear them!!! Thank you Rikki - this was SOOOOOOOO nice!!!!

We went out to eat with two families after the party tonight. It's been over a year since we ate out with friends with Harper.  I was just almost giddy to be able to go! And Harper did pretty good! I was really proud of her and told Scott maybe we could start venturing out into public again. At least until Hollis gets here and then it might be another two years. ha! Oh well - it's a season of life!

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