Thursday, January 27, 2011

Play Group and Prayer Requests

We had play group at my friend Amber's house today and it was one of the best play groups we have had in a while. The kids all played together well and us moms all got to sit together at the dining table and really talk and it was just nice to be able to relax with my friends and visit and Harper had a great time playing. It's fun for her to go to a different house and play with things she doesn't usually play with - especially when it's a boy's house and she can play with Handy Manny tools and a drum set!

Harper and her friend Alex. I think she was helping him with his drink. She's real into "helping" lately. She wants to help us do EVERYTHING. She loves to help her daddy eat. She also loves to help pick up toys which is nice! She loves to help me empty the dishwasher and load the laundry. Sometimes her help makes my work twice as much work - but it's nice to see her wanting to help so I let her!

I've been sent a lot of prayer requests so I thought I would list a few for you to lift up. I think maybe after today I will probably begin to list all prayer requests over on and probably tweet them as well. I'm just not good about always getting them in blog posts so that's probably the way I will be handling them from here on out.

1. First - if you could pray for a family in my town. A 4th grader at the elementary school right down the road from me had a soccer goal fall on him yesterday and he passed away last night. It's a tragic loss for our town and I can't imagine how his family feels - if you could pray for them.

2. Pray for the Whittaker family. They are missionaries in Haiti and shortly after the earthquake last year - their young daughter was diagnosed with cancer and she has now been given just months to live.

3. Pray for the Kladitis family. They lost their infant son Anthony 9 days after he was born.

4. Pray for a lady who's daughter has a rare disease, Cyntosis. The mother may be facing breast cancer and the daughter needs a kidney transplant. The mother plans to donate her kidney but now may not be able to. (I don't have names - just pray!)

5. Pray for Kelli Johnson and family. She and her 5 yr old daughter were skiing on Christmas eve and were hit by a snowboarder. The daughter was killed and Kelli has a traumatic brain injury. She also has a 5 month old baby boy and a 3 yr old daughter.

6. 4 year old Caitlyn has been battling cancer for two years. Doctors have told her family the best thing they can do is to go home and live her life to the fullest. Her cancer has been spreading. Please pray for this sweet girl and family.

7. Pray for the Flowers family. The mom was 34 and passed away last year in her sleep. The dad died of a heart attack recently - leaving four boys ages 6-14.

8. Pray for this sweet family - they are expecting a little baby Grace who has several issues and may not live long after birth. Pray for a miracle and for peace and comfort for them. My heart goes out to them.

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