Monday, January 03, 2011

Matchmaker Matchmaker Make me a Match


Remember back in July when we did a special "Show us Your Life Friday" for Singles?

Well since then.........
This couple has gotten engaged

This couple has gotten engaged

And they met through that day!!!!! Does that blow your mind? Because it blows mine!!! And makes me SUPER giddy!!!!

(and there is a third couple who also met and are dating seriously and I just have a GOOD feeling about them also!) (You know who you are!)

SO - Friday, January 21st will be our SECOND Show Us Your Single Friends/Family Members day! (Or show us yourself!) :-)

I'll have a link list up and you can write posts telling us about your single brothers, fathers, friends, sisters, moms, or yourself and then anyone who is interested can come and look through and if you are interested - leave a comment with your info. NO CRAZIES ALLOWED! :-)
I'd had requests for singles from all over the country and of all ages to please be featured so be thinking of who you know!

There is no end to the happiness this brings me! Especially if we get some more matches!!!

I seriously never dreamed people would actually get married after this! ha! What good is having a blog a lot of people read if you can't do something fun with it! :-)

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