Monday, January 24, 2011

Making room for baby

I'm about 7 weeks out from having Hollis and I'm making my lists and checking them twice.

Not only do I need to get the nursery finished and everything completely ready there but I feel like there are all these other things to do like..............

1. Bring down all baby gear from attic and set up (i.e. swing, bouncy seat, pack and play)
2. Schedule dentist appointments for me and Scott
3. Schedule eye appointment for me
4. Get taxes done
5. Make and freeze meals
6. Get Harper groomed UPDATE: (DO Y'ALL REALIZE HOW MUCH I NEED SLEEP ???? I meant get Dawson groomed. Thanks for pointing out what I wrote! Although Harper could probably use a good grooming too. ha! My mom let me know yesterday that I sent a thank you to my in-laws to their house instead. I'm losing it.)
MORE UPDATE: I drove across town to a baby shower tonight and realized I had left the present by the back door where I was sure NOT to forget it. ha! Had to drive home and get it and was 30 minutes late to the shower. LOSING IT!

I'm sure there are a ton more..............I'm working on my list. I feel like I need to get all these things done before Hollis comes probably because with Harper we unexpectedly spent a month away from home and even though I know that (hopefully) won't happen this time - I think it causes me a little panic. Also - I'm not sure I'll be ready to just jump back into the busyness of life with two kids right away.

I also had someone email me and ask me if I planned to do anything special for Harper at the hospital or give her a special gift? I want to do something - but I'm not sure what yet? Do y'all have any ideas for me? She just yesterday has started to point at my belly and say "Baby Hollis". But I'm fairly certain she honestly has no idea (even though I tell her several times a day) that an actual baby is about to come live at our house full time. You should see the meltdowns she has when Dawson sits on my lap. JEALOUSY! I told Scott today I can't imagine how it might cause drama for me to be nursing her new baby sister. She might need counseling. ha! Thankfully she will be getting a TON of attention at first from the grandparents which MIGHT help ease the pain?
What did you do for your firstborn when that second born came? Anything special?

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