Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A lot going on...................

First and VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!
Friday we will start back our Show Us Your life series. I promise to get a schedule posted in the next few days but this one is SUPER fun because it's "singles day". Remember to post about your single friends or family - all ages!!!! A lot of you have asked me how to get involved if you don't have blogs - you can either a. have a friend blog about you or b. Come and check out the links and see if you see anyone interesting! If you do - leave a comment with all your information and telling about yourself. I have no idea what will happen. Maybe nothing. But then again - we could have some more couples meet, fall in love and get engaged. Stranger things have happened!!!

Harper went to MDO today and I had a busy day. My first stop was one of our local news stations - KNWA. My friend Sydney blogs for them and she is about to have sweet little Emerson in a couple of weeks so for 2 or 3 weeks while she is off getting adjusted - I'm going to guest blog! If you live in NWA - I'll also be skyping in on the morning news!!! I'm sure I'll write about this more soon but here is where I'll be blogging!
It was SUPER interesting to tour a news station. I felt like I was on "Morning Glory" or some other movie I can't remember the name of that maybe Michelle Pfiefer starred in?

Our church is having the most fun retreat for teenage girls in a few weeks and I'm helping (a little) with it so I had a meeting about that next. I would love to be fully involved because I love teenage girls but between Harper and being so pregnant I'm just not able to this year - but I'm hoping to help as much as I can. I think it's so great that our church concentrates on these girls and looks to encourage them in such a crucial time in their lives. I feel God pushing me more and more to get involved with teenage girls. I don't know what that will look like or how or when but it's something I feel like God keeps putting on my heart more and more all the time.

This afternoon Harper had her two year check up. She passed with flying colors! She is 95% in both height, weight and head. She was 33 lbs and 36 inches tall. She's a big girl but my doctor said she was proportional and it didn't mean she would weigh 200 lbs at 16. She actually has gotten taller but not really gained weight since her 18 month check up! I'm just thankful for a healthy girl!

I was so excited because Hollis' bedding came today!!! If I can get some things hung on the wall and her closet done - the nursery is ready! I love how it turned out. Just how I envisioned - sweet and serene. I'm PRAYING she will sleep better than her sister in that bed! ha!
I had her bedding made at I used them for Harper's bedding too!
(Hollis will not be sleeping in her bed until the risk of SIDS is over with - so don't be worried about the bumpers)

I went to one of my favorite local stores today, Riffraff, and found this cute blue frame. I loved it as it was but decided to "girly" it up a little and add the flower that I also got there and some feathers. I love how it turned out. I am loving this blue girl's room. More than I ever thought!

We are supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow tonight so it looks like I may be snowed in for the next few days. Maybe I can tackle the laundry or closets................or maybe I'll just spend all day trying to keep Harper entertained and NOT destryoing our entire house.

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