Thursday, December 16, 2010

Play Group Mania

 We had play group today and as usual it was a zoo.  But when you get a ton of moms and kids together it usually is.  I always feel sorry for the host because their house is never the same once we all leave.  Today it was at my friend Amanda's house.  Isn't her tree beautiful??? I had to take a picture because I thought it was so amazing.
 Harper had a good time with her friends.  See that cute little red headed Brody in the striped shirt? I secretly am hoping Harper will marry him one day.
 Princess Emily.  She is starting to look so much more like a GIRL. So grown up. She is about to turn five and I was there when she was born. I could cry thinking about it.
 When Harper woke up this morning - I told her she was going to get to play with Sarah Kate today and she said "We hug!"  Everytime they  see each other - they run up and hug and kiss and it is just precious to me!
Vonda and Brandon and Amanda and Pete (my friend Rachel's little boy).

Mary Avery and Matthew in a sweet Christmas outfit. 

There are SOOOOO many of us in play group we have had to split into two groups.  There are about 24 of us from Sunday school in our play group. And I said today it's about to get crazier because six of us are pregnant. 
(and can I just add that I'm so excited to be pregnant with five other girls from our class. Especially because most of us are having our second child and it's nice to have someone to talk to about what that change is like!)
Pretty Bethany and Luke
I made Pioneer woman's Olive cheese bread for the first time and it was so good I could lick it up.  It kind of tastes like a muffuletta to me.  Which I could marry a muffuletta I love them so much.
Little Pete was so cute with baby food all over his face that I had to take a picture!
Princess Neely.  She has a big play room so it was a good place for all the kids to play and have fun!

Scott thinks I'm crazy for going to play group.  But I have to tell you - the chance to talk to other adults and let Harper play and burn a little energy not in our own house is a mother's dream! :-) No matter how much effort it takes to get there or to host. :-)

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