Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

We spent Christmas with my family and have had a wonderful time.  Harper has had the time of her life. We are afraid she is going to be SO upset to be away from her grandparents. She is OBSESSED with her Papa. She just follows him around and adores him.  She has been SO wound up and has loved having an audience to entertain.

We waited and did Santa Claus and presents around 11 since Harper didn't know this year that Santa comes overnight and we wanted my aunt and uncle to be there.  I took her out into the garage while they set up her Santa stuff and then I brought her in.
She was so excited she didn't know what to do.  My parents got her a little table and chairs that match the kitchen we got her.  I think this is going to be one of her favorite things.  We are going to be rearranging her room and Hollis' rooms later this week and we will set her kitchen up then so I can't wait to see how much she loves it.  We got her some food and pots and pans and she LOVED them! She LOVES Mickey mouse and my parents got her some big stuffed Mickey dolls and some other little things to go with them. She has carried them around a ton.
It was SO fun having a kid this year at Christmas and just to watch her excitement. We let her do all her gifts and we took a ton of pics and then we sat down and did the adult gifts while she played with hers. We drew names this year so it was nice to just have a simple Christmas!
It was hard to get Harper to open any presents because she just wanted to play with the things she had already gotten or seen.
My Aunt Linda got her an Itty Bitty Baby doll and she loves it.  She got so many wonderful toys. She is a very blessed little girl!
My mom had my SIL Carrie, my aunt Linda and I aprons made with our names on them so we had to take a picture.
My brother Chris, My SIL Carrie and their baby Coco.  I've loved getting the chance to just spend time with them.  My mom offered to keep Harper so we could all go to the movies but we have just loved hanging out at home in our pj's at night instead. It's been a nice cozy Christmas of just spending time at home. 
Today after church we took family pictures.  It is always good to go as a family to church and get to hear my dad preach!
Our family of "almost" four!!! We are so blessed! I can't wait until next year and the years after that when we get to spend Christmas with our two girls!

Tonight we are having pizza and having family game night! I'm excited! And then Scott's family will be coming this week to celebrate a second round of Christmas with us.  And then we will have to detox Harper because she will be spoiled rotten from all the attention. ha!

I hope your Christmas has been full of joy and wonder!

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