Wednesday, December 22, 2010

27 weeks and 37 years old

I'm 27 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 27 Weeks
Size of baby: Hollis is the size of an eggplant
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 11 lbs (the holidays are helping me to start pack it on!)
Maternity Clothes: I wear maternity jeans and pants but everything else is regular.
Gender: It's a girl!!! Hollis Barrett Stamps
Movement: I've been feeling the baby a lot more lately!
Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty good!
What I miss: Nothing really - maybe sleeping on my stomach?
Cravings: Mexican, baked potatos
Symptoms: Mostly tiredness, a few Braxton Hicks
Best Moment this week: Finding out I DON'T have gestational diabetes

Well - I found out yesterday that I don't have GD! I am SO thankful! That was the best call I got all day! I also just realized that I'm in my third trimester now! Or I'm about to enter it - not sure - but I'm there! Wow - this is going SO fast this time!

Today is my birthday and I'm 37 years old! Yikes! It's a little stressful thinking about being so close to 40. I just really don't know when this happened. I swear I was just in college. ha! At least having two babies should keep me young! (Or make me really old if Hollis sleeps anything like Harper does).

My birthday didn't start off too great. Harper has been sleeping SO good lately but of course last night she was up around 11 and Scott was out of town so I let her get in bed with me. And then it was like a mini party. She was up talking and moving around and having a good old time until 2:30 when she finally went to sleep. I have no idea what her deal was. (And of course she was up and running by 7) Maybe it was the 3 Red Bulls I let her have before bed time. Or the 5 hour energy drink. (I kid)

So I decided we would both get dressed and I would be crazy and take her to lunch by myself because I was craving a local tea room. I took her video player and she did really good! Scott just got home and tonight we are doing something we've only done once since Harper was born - we have a babysitter and we are going out to eat on a birthday date! I'm so excited!

And could you pray for a couple of people:
Jamie is a young woman who was diagnosed with leukemia in March and this week the doctors sent her home and told her there was nothing else they could do.
Cat is a young woman who lost her husband to cancer a month ago and this week - her FIL died from cancer also.
Laurie is a young woman who was hit in a hit and run. She was 34 weeks pregnant and lost the baby and is in critical condition.

I know there are hundreds or thousands more of people who need our prayer right now. Pray for those who don't face Christmas with a lot of joy or happiness. Pray that the same Jesus whose birthday we celebrate will be their comforter right now!

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