Wednesday, November 03, 2010

My day in iPhone pics

Here is what we have been up to according to my phone!

Did you vote yesterday? We did and took Harper! She was loving the stickers. I am so excited because our new Lt Governor went to OBU with me and we were camp staffers together!

Dawson got his hair cut yesterday and he looks so cute! They put the cutest scarf on him!

Scott and I went on a lunch date to Sonic! Hollis wanted a frito pie. I only seem to want these when I'm with child. But they are so good!

Scott has needed a nice suit for a long time so we went shopping for one. He doesn't wear suits often but when you need one - you need one!

I picked Harper up from school! I was thrilled when her teacher told me she spent the entire day reading books!!! We have started reading two books every night before bed and she sits so still and listens! It's my favorite part of the day!

Harper and Dawson sharing an after school snack! Our blog friend Donna knitted her this top and it's precious!

Me and my girl! Doesn't she look thrilled?

I am a busy girl this week! Dancing with the stars is Saturday and I'm so nervous! We are practicing every night. I finally felt a little better about it last night. But it tires me out! I'll be sure and post about it on Sunday! Hopefully with some footage!

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