Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Growing Quick and Living Out your Faith!

When I was pregnant with Harper I found this dress on ebay and HAD to have it! I thought it was the cutest thing ever. It looked so huge - I didn't know when she would get to wear it!

She wore it as a dress in June. I thought she looked SO big!

Here she was today wearing it as a top! How did she grow so much in just six months??? It makes me wonder what she will look like by this summer? And how long her hair will be! ha!

I had the honor of speaking to a local MOPS group today on "Living out your faith". I feel so inadequate to speak on that subject and yet God has blessed me so much - it's like breathing to me to share about my love for Him. This was a fun group because I had a lot of in real friends there! I had so much fun!

and speaking of living out your faith..............I know someone who does this in a way that inspires me completely. Shaun Groves is a Christian artist who went on a Compassion trip several years ago that completely changed his life. He has dedicated his life to freeing children from poverty. He could use his talent to sell tons of albums and sell out concerts and make lots of money and live in a big house. Instead - he lives a very modest life and travels around FOR FREE singing only so he can talk about Compassion during his concert and get sponsors for children to change their lives. I am honored to call Shaun friend and he is now working on making a new album but he has to raise a lot of money to do it because he has no label. He's not doing this to make a ton of money or get a lot of fortune or fame. His heart is that with a new album he will draw MORE people to concerts and this will be MORE people he can share Compassion with. I love the humble life he leads in order to help those who need it so much more. I would love for you to think about helping him raise this money - you aren't really helping him - you are helping children all over the world in need! GO HERE TO HELP!!!

This is totally for fun but a friend Courtney emailed me today and wanted to know if I knew I was up for blogging awards on It's kind of silly but I could win a prize. You can vote for free - click the badge and I'm nominated under best Baby Journal and Best SAHM blog. ha! You have until 11/15 to vote!

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