Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Girl's Night

One night a month the girls from my Sunday School Class get together at one of our houses and have a potluck dinner. It has become one of my favorite things. We have a theme each time like soups or comfort foods. Tonight was appetizers and it was my turn to host. I made desserts and drinks and the other girls brought the salty foods. I didn't take any pictures of all the food but we had a lot of dips and sausage balls and roll ups. It was all SO good!
One of my favorite dessert appetizers is a chocolate chip cheese ball. I served it with chocolate animal crackers, graham crackers and those little Pepperidge Farm stick cookies. SO YUM! I also made Bits O Brickle Bars and Coffee Punch.

There were 14 girls here tonight. We had so much fun! Our favorite thing to do after we eat is gather up and go around and answer "get to know you" questions. Even though I've known a lot of these girls for years - I learn something new each time. And I also laugh so hard I hurt.
I made them let me take a group picture. I say this so often it's annoying but I'm SO thankful for my friends! I just love all of you!!! (and we missed all of you who couldn't make it!)
My friend Jessica has a friend in Oklahoma who reads my blog and she thought it would be fun if I gave her a shout out! So Kacy - thanks for reading! Jessica thinks it's hilarious that you know so much about me and all our friends from church by reading my blog! Come visit!!!

I had ya'll vote for me last week on The Bump's Best Mommy Blog and I won both my categories!! Thank you!!! Well - now I'm a finalist to be the overall winner. If I win - I would win an iPad. That's so exciting. BUT .........................
(and Scott may kill me because he would love an iPad) but I don't need it and I just feel an overwhelming tug this morning that if you vote and I win - I'm going to sell it and give half the money to my church's campaign to pay off our building which I'm so excited about because once that is paid off we can use money towards more outreach and ministry and I'm going to give the other half to Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes which is a BIG ministry in our state that takes in kids from troubled homes and raises them. It's the season of giving and I'd have a lot more fun giving than having another gadget I don't need.

So I need your help ...............Please VOTE! (I don't deserve to win - but maybe I can pull in a lot of votes anyway!)

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