Saturday, November 06, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

So tonight was my "dance recital" as my friends called it! I was so thankful that my mom could come and keep Harper so I could do it and so Scott could come too! I'm pretty sure they had a great time together.

Thank you SO much for supporting me and voting! You helped a really great cause! I had a lot of fun dancing but I think the thing I loved most was that so many of my fun friends came to support me and I had a great time hanging out with them. I wish I could have spent more time sitting and laughing with them and less time "dancing". ha!
Two of my very best friends in the world - Hillary and Laurie! I thought they looked so swanky! I ended up wearing my bridesmaid dress from Hillary's wedding because I was pregnant with Harper when I last wore it and I had a hard time finding any kind of dress I could wear otherwise!
My sweet husband was the photographer of the night for me. He was really suffering for a cause - he was the only guy at a table full of 9 girls. I'm pretty sure he had a great time. ha!
Amber and Amanda are two of my closest friends. I love them!
My friend Shannon came last minute in someone else's place and I was so glad she did! (But we did miss you Erin!!)
Our ending dip. I had to wear the ugliest shoes known to man. They are dancing shoes and I got to borrow them but they just looked pitiful. But I really couldn't wear high heels so it had to work!
Cyndi drove a long way to come watch! That was so sweet!
The emcee kept calling our table the facebook/twitter table because during open dance times - every person at the table (except Laurie who basically has a rotary phone) had their iPhones out. ha!
Melissa, Julee, Jill and Jennifer came! I love these girls so much! I was thrilled that they would come!
I have the prettiest friends! I love that we ALL had on black! ha ha ha! These girls all just make me laugh! I think a sense of humor is one of the best qualities in a person! I'm pretty sure they did a lot of laughing at me tonight! And if they didn't - they should have! ha!

My dance partner Michael! He helped me so much!

I had a great time! I didn't win. But I was just glad I didn't fall down or make a complete fool of myself. I'm adding the video. I'm the most awkward dancer ever. I also trip on the floor at one point. ha! I was also told this was a serious dance and not to smile - so there is a reason I'm not! OH MY! I also look VERY big! :-) Okay - that's all the explanations I need to give you. Besides did I mention I'm wearing the ugliest shoes ever made?

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