Saturday, November 20, 2010

Daddy's Home

Daddy's home! Scott was out of town for 10 days hunting and working and FINALLY came home to us on Friday! We were both so glad to see him. It's good to be back together!

A lot of you have asked me about Scott working at home and how that's going. It's almost been a year and it's been a WONDERFUL year! I was very apprehensive that it wouldn't go well and that we would drive each other crazy. But it has been a GREAT move for our family. Scott is thankfully one of those people with a lot of drive so he can go into his office each day, close the door and/or put on headphones and work hard. But he comes out at lunch and we get to see him and he's instantly at home when he's done working. He sees Harper more and I have just loved it. I have to work hard at not ever interrupting him or being tempted to pop into his office all day to "chat". But I honestly think it's been the best year we have ever had. It's a lot less stress on us both.

I filmed this last night in our CRAZY game with Mississippi state. All I really have to say is I LOVE college football and I LOVE the SEC. SEC games are NEVER boring. There have been some big ones this year and this weekend there are two HUGE games between us and LSU and of course the Alabama Civil War. Oh and Ole Miss/Miss State. Otherwise known as the "boot", "the Iron Bowl" and the "Egg Bowl". I can't wait!

And the winners of the devotion book "A Minute for Mommy" are:
#6 Jennifer
#223 Samantha
#301 Stefanie

I have your email addresses so I'll be contacting each of you!

If you didn't win and would like a copy - you can find it here:
Her website is:
Barnes and Nobel link is:
Tate Publishing link:
Facebook group:!/group.php?gid=138215569538300

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