Monday, November 15, 2010

22 months

Harper - you are 22 months old!!!!

In two short months you will turn TWO! I've already been planning your second birthday party which seems completely crazy because I SWEAR I was just planning your first party. I am NOT prepared to throw a 16th birthday party so I really need you to slow this growing down!

You weigh 33 lbs and wear a size 5 diaper. You wear a size 2T and 3T and a size 7 shoe.

You are just a character. You love me to make us laugh. I love your growing personality.

Your favorite thing to say right now is "Where did he go?" You could be talking about daddy, Papa, your "taci", Dawson, .........anyone. You find someone constantly and said "Where's so and so? Where did they go?" ha!

Your favorite thing is bath time. I have to PULL you out of the tub every night kicking and screaming. You would stay in there for hours if I let you. You have toys but what you love is to take a couple of cups and just pour water back and forth. You LOVE water. You always have.

You are borderline obsessed with Elmo and Mickey Mouse. All I hear from the time you get up until bedtime is "elmo" and "mimi".
Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! You have finally started sleeping through the night! I wake up amazed every morning. Yes - it has taken you almost two years but you are finally a good sleeper and you have made your momma so happy!

You have started carrying something in your arms at all times. Either a stuffed animal or a baby doll. You always need to carry at least one - and usually two with you every where you go.

You LOVE school! You do so good there. You practically run in the door. I laugh so hard because every time I pick you up there or at church - you will turn around and wave to the kids and say "Bye Girls". It doesn't matter if it's all boys - you still say that. It makes me laugh. You sound like a 50 year old woman waving to her friends.
You adore your grandparents and you think every single old person you see is them. Every time I take you out in public you will wave to anyone over 50 and say "Hi Papa" or "Bye Papa". Thankfully the older men seem to think it's cute.

You are just the sweetest thing! You are so loving and precious! I really wish I could bottle you up and keep you this way so in 20 years I won't have to just look at pictures to remember! I keep looking at pictures of you just 6 months ago or watching videos from a year ago and I can't BELIEVE how much you have grown.

I'm praying for you every day! My biggest prayer is that you will have a HUGE passion for Jesus. I don't care what else you do in life - I want you to be CRAZY about your Saviour! I pray that God will surround you with good friends all of your life who will bring you up and not tear you down. I pray for that boy who is going to one day marry you. I pray he will be a Godly husband and will adore you. I love you baby goose! :-)

Oh and PS- Caroline and Carly - you are the lucky winners of the tickets to the NWA boutique show. I'm emailing you both!

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