Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MOPS and friends

I am facing my fears over the next few weeks. I am taking a leap and doing some things WAY out of my comfort zone - I'm speaking at two MOPS groups and the dancing with the NW AR stars. All of these things make me want to throw up and instantly I start sweating.

This morning I spoke at a MOPS group. It went better than I expected. The girls there were very sweet and friendly and I enjoyed meeting them all! As much as I hate speaking - I know God has opened doors with me to share about Him and so I have to do it.

I was so touched because a mom came and she is someone I asked for prayer for a few months ago. She lost her little girl, Leightyn, to a brain tumor very suddenly. Her loss just broke my heart and I have thought about her and prayed for her so often. I was SO honored that she came and that I could meet her. I just cried when she told me who she was. Her family has been such a witness in such a terrible trial.

Kristen is the girl who invited me to come talk today. She went to OBU but at a different time than me and we have a few mutual friends. She was so sweet!
And this is Britney - she cracked me up! She reads my blog and I think she knew more about me than I know about myself! She asked fun questions and it was fun to meet her!

This afternoon I kept my friend Amanda's little girl Neely.  We had a lot of fun. Harper hasn't slept AT ALL in the last two nights so she was in a terrible mood. But she and Neely had fun eating a snack, playing with playdough and puzzles, running around outside ....................

and of course dressing up! This makes my heart so happy! :-)

I was so sad because Harper got asked to model some cute razorback clothes for a new website for a local TV station tonight but I had to cancel. She was just exhausted and cranky and I knew it was not going to work. I've learned with a toddler - you just have to learn to go with the flow and no when you have to say no.
The website has cute stuff for all kinds of schools - you'll have to check it out even though Harper didn't get to make the photo shoot!  http://www.passionatelyrivalicious.com/

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