Friday, October 29, 2010

A good name is better than great riches

Thank you for your sweet comments on our new baby girl!!! We are thrilled! And Scott really is excited. I think he's just picturing lots of giggling teenage girls and calculating wedding costs. ha! Harper has him so wrapped around her little finger - he will be so in love with Hollis too! I love watching him with Harper! He's so sweet to her! We are counting our blessings and thanking God over and over for the amazing family He has given us!

Since pretty much 75% of you asked me about Hollis' name - I thought I better write about it.

Most of you know we had picked out our boy and girl names before we were married and we put thought into them or they had special meanings. Our boy name was (is?) Hudson Walker. Hudson is Scott's mother's maiden name and Walker was my pap-pa's middle name. Harper is just a name I have always loved - (can you tell what my favorite book was growing up?) and Lee is my middle name and was also my mam-ma's name but since I didn't want to name her Harper Lee - we went with Brown which was my mam-ma's maiden name.

So because I love alliteration in families - I wanted another H name for our little girl. And because I have SOOOOOOOOOO many things monogrammed with either an H or HBS for Harper - I wanted to re-use all that so the new baby had to have that monogram. If you can't tell - I like names to be a little different and I also like them to have a Southern feel. I like last names for first names. I have never known anyone with the name Hollis. I read it somewhere and just loved it. I had a list of probably 10 H names and Scott did not like any of them but Hollis so that's the name we picked. It's the one I loved best also!

I also had about 10 B names for the middle name and had a hard time deciding. My mom suggested Barrett and I just loved it! It's different and pretty and I just wanted her to have a unique, special name!

So that's the story! :-)

I should add that we plan to call her Hollis. I don't want her to be nicknamed "holli". I'm sure she'll have some kind of nickname though. Who doesn't? ha!


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