Saturday, October 23, 2010

Go Hogs - beat the "Black Bears"

It's a rainy, gloomy fall day and Scott and I gave our Razorback tickets to some friends and are staying home and enjoying a good day to watch football. We are playing Ole Miss right now. I'm hoping for a win!

Remember when I said Harper was past the stage of throwing fits? Well - I could not have been more wrong. She has been throwing the MOTHER of all fits this morning. Oh my! I wanted to take some pictures of her dressed up for game day but you can probably tell she has been crying and it was either pictures with her paci in or no pictures at all. Or meltdown pictures! ha! And just so I don't get any more comments or questions - Harper will not go to kindergarden with her paci and she for SURE won't have it when she goes to prom - but up until then - we'll worry about when to take it away. I just didn't want y'all to have to keep wondering. :-)

Isn't this the cutest? I got the shirt and pettiskirt from my friend Stephanie at She makes the cutest personalized shirts in a HUGE variety of designs and all kinds of other cute things!

I'm sad I didn't take any pictures but my parents spent the night last night so they could go to the game this morning and we all went out to eat. It was the first time we have taken Harper to a restaurant in probably 6 months. Lucikly I decided to take our portable DVD player and it was like MAGIC! She was SO good and we got to enjoy a good meal. Maybe we can venture out again! At least until the next baby comes...............
Mom and I did get to meet up with an Arkansas blogger, Melissa, who was up for the game with her family! She blogs at and is an amazing photographer! (This isn't very helpful - but my shirt came from T J maxx!)

P.S. Can I just add how much I LOVE the encouragement of you moms with older children who encourage us with babies? (I started to say "older moms" - but I'm an older mom - just in a different stage) ha! It is a HUGE blessing to me! Thank you!

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