Sunday, September 26, 2010


 Well - you probably know by now that I was NOT streaking across the field after the game yesterday.  It was a great weather day for football and I enjoyed being at the game and being on a date with my husband and I enjoyed the first 24 minutes of the game but the last 6 minutes were brutal and we sadly lost. Alabama is a GOOD team.  I was very disappointed. I didn't expect to win but when we led for almost the entire game - it was hard not to get let down when we ended up with a loss. Oh well - hopefully we will both win the rest of our games this year. The SEC is a TOUGH place to play in but I love our "family"!
 So thankful for my mom who kept Harper so we could go to the game and for my dad for going with us and dropping me off at the stadium so I didn't have to make a long walk up the hill! Love ya'll!  We had a great time anyway!
 Today it has turned COLD! It's only in the low 60's and Harper and I both wore sweaters to church! I think it's going to warm back up this week but I'm enjoying kind of a cold, gloomy Sunday.  Perfect napping weather. (Which is what I should be doing instead of writing this blog post. ha! )
My dad's church gave him a month off for his 25th anniversary so he started it this weekend and they stayed and went to church with us this morning. Harper was so happy to have "nonny and poppa" here. I heard their names all morning. We came home and ate lunch and they left during her nap so she will not be happy when she wakes up.  She loves all of her grandparents so much. She was saying all of their names on the way to church this morning.  She wants nothing to do with me or Scott when any of them are around.  I don't blame her! :-)

P.S. My friend Bethany is doing a neat tribute to Breast Cancer for October - survivors or lost loved ones. If you have been affected by this awful disease - go HERE to her blog and join in!

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