Friday, September 24, 2010

Show us your life - Master Bedrooms

If you are new to my blog - we are touring our homes room by room on Fridays! To play along - just post on your blog about that room and then put the link to THAT POST on the list! Let's have fun touring!! (and a quick note - these Friday posts will be posted sometime between 8 and 10 on Friday mornings!)

Today is master bedrooms.  This is my least favorite room in our house. I just have never done a lot with ours. And I keep thinking I'll work on it but I'd rather work on a new nursery or on our other rooms first. Maybe I'll get great ideas for your rooms!

I bought our furniture when I was single. I still like it but one day I'd love to have a big four poster bed. One day - I don't know when that will be. ha! I mix and matched some bedding I got from Dillards and Wal-Mart.  I added in the orange comforter for warmth and I kind of like it.
A look on the other side of our armoire.  Our walls really need something on them. And we need a big chair in the corner or something. 
My nightstand table is full of books I hope to read one day - mostly parenting books and a few Christian books. (and a picture of us when we went on a cruise a few yeas ago! ha!)
I laugh at Scott's side - "Hunger for God" by John Piper and Cabela's catalog. And underneath is a whole bunch of nerdy computer programming books that would put you to sleep in 5 minutes. I love the man I married! :-)
A close up of our bed!

Okay - it's your turn! Let's see those bedrooms! (NEXT WEEK - DINING ROOMS):

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