Friday, August 20, 2010

19 months

Harper Brown - you are 19 months old! I'm a few days late getting this post up!

What are you up to these days?

You are a VERY active girl. I don't think you sit still for more than 30 seconds all day. You are constantly moving, running, getting into things. You are just BUSY!

You are talking more and more and more. You say new words all the time. Just yesterday you said "bubbles". I knew eventually you would talk and I was right. You always have a lot to say. You are not quiet or shy! ha!
You LOVE animals - especially cats. You can't get enough of cats. (OH DEAR). You want to love every animal you see.

You have become aware of what is "yours" and are starting to show those normal selfish tendencies of not wanting to share. I'm sure you will grow out of that. Other than that - you are a very sweet little girl. You love to make people laugh.

Your sleeping is getting better. Just last night you slept the ENTIRE night! I got up at 3 to make sure you were still breathing. But you have decided your new wake-up time is 5:30. I'm not so excited about that. ha!

You have started to be very picky about food and just refuse to eat most things. I'm sure it's a stage because you have always loved food.

You recently got your molars in which hasn't been fun. I think you have 12 teeth now. Maybe a couple more. You won't ever let me look long enough to count!
You are SO smart and so head strong. We are working on discipline and it's a little easier now that I know you understand. You love to test me and your daddy on every little thing and see just how much you can get away with. The thing you must know is I'm just as strong willed as you are! :-)

I get SO tickled because every time I'm getting on to you - you will smile, wave, pat my back and rub my chest. It's EXTREMELY hard to be mad at you and not to laugh when you are being loving while I'm trying to discipline you.
This time last year you had your first trip to the beach. I can't believe how much you have grown in a year. I thought you were so big then! ;-) I can't begin to imagine what you will be like a year from now. We love you so much! You are our first baby and are very special! There aren't words to describe the love I have for you!

I have to share this video:
Yesterday I kept my neighbor's baby Grayson for about an hour and Harper was so excited at first. Saying "baby" over and over. After this video the full meltdown began. I held him and gave him a bottle and you would have thought I was chopping off her toes one by one for all the screaming and crying Harper did. She was so jealous. I may have my hands full next spring. :-)

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