Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fun with Friends

Last night my friend Amber threw a small birthday party for my friend Amanda. It was the big 3-0! We celebrated with mexican food and a lot of fun! Here are most of the girls!

These three were the life of the party. They got more wired up as the night went on.
Laurie, the birthday girl and me
Amanda blowing out her candle. She needed 30 candles on that cake!
The girls put Harper in a basket and were pulling her around. Harper had a great time. She went to bed really late last night. She got up twice and I thought she was going to be up all night but she finally settled down and slept until 8 this morning! It was great!
My friend Rebekah and her family recently moved back to my area from Texas. I was so glad. We have known each other for probably 8 or 10 years and I was so glad we can see each other more of often now. Her little girl, Cilla, is just 2 months younger than Harper and they are a lot alike.
We went to Rebekah's house this morning for a play date. We had so much fun! Cilla is SO sweet and good. She and Harper could have a lot of fun in the coming years!
Laurie and her girls came too and we had a lot of fun playing and visiting. Harper was wound up and I just NOW got her down for a nap - so it might be a little later bedtime tonight too. We have had a fun couple of days with friends.

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