Monday, July 05, 2010

Food, Family, the Fourth, and Fireworks

Scott's parents came up for the weekend and we had a great time. I feel like all we did was eat.

They got here Friday night and I grilled a pork tenderloin for dinner with rice, salad, rolls and these little pretties above for dessert!
Saturday was a pretty lazy day. It rained most of the day so we pretty much stuck at home. We have reached a point where we have decided we just can't go out to eat anymore - at least probably not for a few more months. It's just not worth it. But we did try to go to lunch because we were crazy. We thought if we went somewhere not busy early where we could get food right away - it might be okay. So we went and ate BBQ. Luckily we were the only ones there so we let Harper get down and walk around a little. It worked out okay.
(This isn't a matter we need advice on. It's not a matter of not disciplining or letting the child win. We have simply recognized we are in a stage right now where it's not pleasant or worth it to us to eat out. We will be back at it in a few months and I'm sure we will anyway from time to time. This is a decision that works well for our family.)
Saturday night - Laurie and Steve came over and we grilled steaks for dinner. Scott's dad did all the work!
He made grilled onions by scoring them and putting a big pat of butter and a lot of worsterschire sauce and then wrapping in foil. They were REALLY good!

The girls had a great time playing together
Laurie and I had fun visiting when we weren't chasing the girls. Luckily we had Gigi there to help us!
Scott's dad's birthday is today but we celebrated that night with an ice cream cake. It was red velvet with ice cream. Yum! Harper spotted it on the counter and freaked out so she got to be held while we sang to Pap-paw!
Sarah Kate loved it!
This was before church on Sunday. We went to church and then spent a quiet day at home.
Last night we grilled out hamburgers and french fries - one of my favorite summer meals! And had brownies and ice cream. We put Harper to bed at her normal time (early) but the neighborhood behind us put on a bigger fireworks show than the city and it was SO loud that she woke up so we brought her outside to enjoy it.
She wasn't scared and we watched the fireworks for a while. I put her to bed when they were still going on and she somehow managed to go back to sleep! yeay! I kept wondering what she was thinking must be going on! ha!
We enjoyed our time with the grandparents. They went home this morning and we are spending a nice day at home before a busy week starts back.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend too!

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