Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

Happy First Day of Summer!!!

I don't know about where ya'll live but we are having record breaking heat here in Arkansas. This follows a winter where we had a record amount of snow. They always say a hot summer follows a really cold winter. So I guess we are in store for hot, hot, and more hot.

How did you spend the first day of summer? We have been out of town for about two straight weeks and I feel all out of sorts so this morning I made myself a To Do list and I knew I had to get it all done. I only had 5 hours of sleep last night because I couldn't sleep and Harper got up early so I was dragging but I was determined to make a dent.

Harper took a good nap and I was able to get most of the big things done this morning so after lunch she and I went to Sonic first (where I scored a free drink "just because" - talk about a great way to start summer) and then came home and swam and played outside.
This is what you do when it's almost 100 degrees outside - drink from the water hose.
Picture by the Pioneer Woman
Tonight we are grilling steaks. The last few times I've made steak - I've made it the Pioneer Woman way. Lawry's season salt and lemon pepper. Sounds weird, right? But SO good! This is my first time to grill it out instead of pan fry.
And this is what my list looks like at 6:30. Scott added #15 and #16 because it seems I am constantly losing things around the house. I feel like I'm losing my mind honestly. I don't know where anything is.
I'm thankful for a pretty productive day. I plan to reward myself by sitting on the couch with a bowl of ice cream and some DVR TVpalooza later! And maybe I will finally answer a few emails. (I know I'm embarrassingly behind but I just haven't had much time. If you get a reply from me that is about 3 months late - I'm sorry in advance).

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