Monday, June 28, 2010

O Say Can you See

This morning was our catch up day - full of dishes, laundry, making beds, etc.
Then we headed to the ENT for a check up on our tubes and hearing test. Harper went BALLISTIC in the hearing test. Screaming and crying. I was so embarrassed. The audiologist tried to schedule us to come in again when there were two of them working but our doctor said he thought we should just wait until she is two. Hopefully by then - it really won't be necessary. Harper still doesn't talk much. She is SO active and very non verbal but she only says a few words. This week though she has started to say animal sounds which has been a great break through for me. Her favorite is cat. She has been meowing constantly but she can do a lion and a monkey (both complete with motions) and a dog and a cow. And she even snorts for a pig. If I can ever get her to be still long enough to do many in a row - I'll put up video.
She also learned this weekend to give us knuckles and she giggles every time.
As if the doctor wasn't punishment enough - we headed to Wal-Mart afterwards to grocery shop. If it wasn't completely necessary - I would have skipped but it had to be done.
I got tickled tonight because Scott took Harper outside to play while I cooked dinner and when they came in - he had tied her dress up in a knot. He hates when I let her wear dresses and she steps on them. I know he's right - but she's so cute in them!
Harper is working more and more on feeding herself with a spoon. I usually wait until we have something safe like mashed potatos that stick to the spoon well but she loves feeding herself. She usually has two spoons - one in each hand.
The 4th of July is probably my favorite holiday. I love that it's summer and everyone has picnics or cookouts and I love fireworks. (well I did until I had a baby and now I get mad when my neighbors are shooting them off until midnight not just on the 4th but for about 6 days in a row. This year I might go outside and tell them if H wakes up - one of them can come inside and rock her until she goes back to sleep. ha!)
Somehow we ended up with a lot of red, white, and blue clothes - so I'm going to let Harper spend a week celebrating her country! We are so thankful to live in the USA and for all the men and women who have died to give us our freedom!

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