Thursday, June 24, 2010

Girls Day Out

Today was play group day. We have a great play group but sometimes it's out of control because we have about 20 moms and about 35 kids and it's just A LOT. We have split into two groups but it's still overwhelming at times. Today only 8 of us could make it and it was much more relaxed. The kids played well and we were able to sit and visit. Tracy (above) hosted us - she is SUPER hostess and has us over way too much. We had a taco bar and it was SO good!

All the cute kids having so much fun playing together!
Berkli and Stephanie
Harper loves Amanda - mostly because Amanda feeds her cake. ha!
Ginger and Kade
Tonight the fun continued because we had a baby shower for my friend Maegan who is expecting her third baby - a sweet girl named Kampbell (I LOVE that name - I have wanted to use it forever but Scott wouldn't get on board and I'm stuck on H names now but I was so excited Maegan is using it! Her other kids are Korbyn and Kash - so I LOVE that they use all K names!) (Alliteration makes me SO happy!)
Robin and Jessica (who is about to have baby Peyton any day!!)
Robin always makes cute cookies for every shower!
My pretty friends Ashley, Maegan the soon to be mom, Elizabeth and me! We had it at Panera and were able to just eat and relax and visit. I stayed way too long but we were having fun just sitting and talking which is something we can't always do these days with little kids running around! I'm so excited for these sweet babies to get here!

And just a few things:
*There is a fundraiser for little baby Cohen who passed away's family - read about it here:
* You probably heard about the little 8 year old girl Ellie who died of cancer this week. She was a twin. Pray for her family. Read about them here.
* I feel like there are so many prayer requests out there - on Sunday I'll do a post and I'd love for you to PLEASE link up your requests that day so we can cover these in prayer.

And finally - SUYL will be up mid morning tomorrow - it's all about children's activities. Now that school is out - we could all use ideas to keep babies through school aged kids busy! I can't wait to hear your ideas - hope you have some toddler ones! :-)

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