Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Black Dress isn't cutting it?

Harper and I had a little play date at the mall food court today with some friends. We ate and then played on the little rides inside.
Harper getting help from Braxton. Little flash forward of boys fixing her car in the future?
Then we took it outside to a little play area at the mall. Harper and Neely finally pulled up chairs and sat down. It was SO hot. I know summer doesn't officially begin until June 21 - but let's face it - in the south once school is out and it's 85 degrees or more regularly - it's SUMMER. We were all talking about how we were going to just melt this summer. At least the sun and playing in it is draining which is only adding to my sleeping success! :-)
Harper and I went to a few stores after (mostly just to cool off in air conditioning). She was so good. This was a day I really wasn't looking at anything and was more or less just walking around and she was so still and good. If I had been trying to find something or try something on - she would have screaming and wiggling. ha! I took her picture at Gap in front of some outfits that I'm pretty sure were in my closet in 1988. Overalls? Not sure about that.

(First 2 dress are from Ann Taylor Loft, next 2 from Talbots and last one from Lands End Canvas - all online)

Yesterday I had on something that wasn't typically "me" - a razorback tee and a jean skirt. I looked pretty grungy actually and that was the day Scott decides to compliment me. ha! He then told me he wasn't crazy about all the black dresses I normally wear (he said it in a nice, joking way but I think he was serious). "Raw Row Riley = that's like 75% of my wardrobe." ha! I really have tried to buy only colorful things lately. I was looking today for some cute colorful dresses. I thought these were all cute! It's interesting about what we like to wear and what our husbands think we look pretty in. It's not always the same thing, is it? ha!

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