Thursday, April 22, 2010

Show Us your Life - How you met your husband

Today on Show Us your life Friday - it's "how you met your husband/wife/fiancee". All of you sweet girls who are single.....I hope maybe you will find some stories on this tour to give you hope! God is still writing your story! :-)

This is my story - I shared this about 3 years ago - but here it is again!

Once upon a time there was a cute little boy named Scott who was born in Magnolia, AR
and one state away in Dallas, TX there lived a little girl named Kelly
They both grew up in wonderful Christian homes with loving parents

As you can see they lived in similar styled home and liked to do the same things (ha!)
Scott grew up in the same house in the same town his whole life.
Kelly went to six different schools in six years and lived in Dallas, New Orleans, Benton, AR and Ft. Worth, TX

But they both spent junior high and high school in small towns in Arkansas and Kelly was a cheerleader and Scott played football.

Scott went to college at SAU and Kelly went to Ouachita and they both graduated college but neither one found the "one" in college

But Kelly did make a best friend in college who just "happened" to be Scott's cousin (or maybe God divinely planned it that way) and she decided to fix them up. So in June 2000 they met for a blind date.
This is a picture of Scott and Kelly on their third date.

(I knew he was the one after the second date. I finally felt AT HOME! )

And then after 3 1/2 years of dating........

they finally said "I do" on November 1, 2003

And that is really just the beginning of the story!

We've been married 6 1/2 years and every year just gets better!

Can't wait to read your stories!

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