Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dawson and Harper

Scott and I laugh all the time about how much our two "children" are alike. Harper and Dawson may not be blood relatives - but they act so much alike.

They both LOVE to eat and they love anyone who will feed them. They also both like to beg us for food.
Neither one are cuddlers. Scott and I always want to put one or both in bed with us and try to get them to cuddle and they both squirm and want to run away and do their own thing.
They are both strong willed children.
They both have terrible seasonal allergies that causes their skin to break out and for them to itch a lot.
They both love to go for walks and rides in the car.
They both love to play outside. Which does wonders for their allergies. ha!
They are both BIG TIME Momma's babies.
Rarely does either one sleep through the night.
They both LOVE to be chased through the house

They are both our "firsts". First child and first REAL child. They make us laugh. And we adore them!

(I pulled all of these pics off my phone which is why the quality is so awesome. ha ha ha!)

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