Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Back To Life........Back to Reality

Today is back to our normal life. :-) Including things like Harper dumping a whole bag of smores goldfish all over me. This was after it happened. It didn't stop Harper and Dawson from trying to eat the mess up. Never a dull moment.

Today we had lunch with my friends Melissa, Jennifer and Jill. I didn't take any pictures at lunch except of Harper and Brody. You know I keep holding out hope that I will need these pictures one day for their wedding slideshow. I think they make the cutest little pair ever!
After lunch Harper and I made a few stops and then I took her to a nearby trail to try and take a few pictures. I figured since I haven't posted any pictures of her in several days - I better try and make up for it.

I was THRILLED this weekend because Beth Moore referred to Travis Cottrell - her worship leader - as a "mess"!!!! Clearly - she and I speak the same language. When I see this picture that is the word that comes to mind for my baby girl.
It is next to impossible to get a good picture of a 15 month old by yourself I have decided. I didn't have our good camera with me and she refused to let me take her pacifier out. It was either the pacifier or pictures of her screaming. So you can see what I chose. ha!

I loved this picture of her walking.

Yes - it was so nice to have a break and just be with the girls for a weekend - but it's sure nice to be home and be with this girl! :-)

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