Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Skunks, Sleep, Styling, Shopping, Sonic, Sunshine and robbie Seay!

I love "alliteration" - maybe it's the preacher's daughter coming out in me but today's post is all about the letter S!

First something Scary! Harper and I went for a walk yesterday afternoon and she was in her little wagon and I felt something moving next to us so I started to yell out "Harper - look at that cat" (because you know she loves cats) and before I did - I realized it was a SKUNK! I slowly backed up and thank goodness it never saw us. I hightailed it home and was shaking the whole way. I'm SO thankful we didn't get sprayed. Phew!!! Can you imagine?
I went in to check on Harper last night and I giggled when I saw she had just passed out. I love that she was just hanging over her bumper. We always lay her down and cover her with her blanket and she holds her baby doll but apparently she played for a while last night and then just fell asleep. I couldn't miss sneaking a picture of her Sleeping!
This morning I was trying to fix her crazy mullet hair and I had some tiny rubberbands and decided to Style it into dog ears. I put bows on each one. You can barely tell - but I thought it looked hilarious. It will have to grow out a little more before we wear it that way.
It was such a beautiful, warm, sunny day that we went to our local outdoor mall and just walked around. We weren't there to Shop but we enjoyed looking and Harper was so good that I told her I would get her a little treat when we got home. Yep - she had her first taste of Sonic. And she loved her diet coke as much as I do. JUST KIDDING! I got her an apple juice Slush and she was CRAZY about it! :-)

She couldn't work the Straw so I put it in her Sippy cup and she went to town on it!
Then we headed out in the wagon for another walk. Seriously - could she look any more relaxed. And aren't those little legs and feet yummy? :-) She threw her Shoes out the wagon and enjoyed being barefoot. And I don't blame her.

and finally........................

I'm pretty excited about this! I got asked if I would like to let all of you listen to Robbie Seay Bands's new CD "Miracle" that releases today! I jumped at the chance for two reasons:
1. I LOVE Robbie Seay Band
2. I know that SO MANY of you don't listen to Christian music or don't know much about Christian music and I very much want to open that up for you a little. I pretty much solely listen to Christian/worship music and there are so many great artists and I just want to share them with you. It just uplifts me and puts my heart in the right place to listen to this music.

So go below and listen and if you like what you hear you can buy it on itunes. AND if you go HERE - sign up and I'm giving away a free CD and t-shirt! What! What!

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