Friday, February 26, 2010

What will my Little Girl Be?

I've always been a very girly girl! I don't like to get dirty or mess up my hair. I'm not outdoorsy AT ALL. I have always preferred dresses. I loved playing with dolls. I couldn't wait to wear make-up. My poor parents tried to get me to play sports and both basketball and softball were disasters. I used to get stomaches just thinking about P.E. because I knew we'd have to play volleyball or dodgeball AGAIN. I'm just not athletic and I always imagined if I had a little girl she would be just like me.

Or will she?

I found at Gymboree this week that Harper loves balls. I never thought to buy her one. So I got her a $1 PINK ball at Wal-Mart last night and she has had so much fun with it today.
It makes me wonder if she'll actually want to play sports?
Or if she will prefer dolls and dance?
Or maybe both?

Harper can be a tomboy or an ultra girl girl, she can love sports or be like me and think laying on the beach is "outdoorsy". I will love her no matter what she does or who she becomes because I'm her mother and she is my precious gift.

Were you a girly girl or a more sportsy/athletic/outdoorsy? And if you have a daughter - are they like you or different?

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