Thursday, February 04, 2010

Valentines Party

Thanks for all of your votes on my canvas!! I ordered it today so I will blog about it when it comes and let you know how it turns out! I'm excited about it was a good deal either way. And I figure I can put it in a frame if I don't like the sides or whatever.

Since I spent most of my teenage years and my 20's single - Valentines has never been my favorite holiday. It was just a reminder that I was sad and alone. ha! But thankfully the years have made it better. Today Harper went to her first Valentines party and we had so much fun! It was really our playgroup - but our hostess Tracy (who is SUPERWOMAN and I didn't even get her picture because she was busy) had a huge valentines party!

She had cute decorations everywhere!
Brigham, Sarah Grace (this is her room), Emily, Alex, and Emeri
I love these little red dog ears!
(I call these "dog ears". I call braids "pigtails". Is that just me or is it an AR thing? I don't know)
Dia with Tracy's baby Lena
Moms and kids. There were 24 kids and probably at least 20 moms there. CRAZY!
Me and my valentine - she had so much fun! She even walked and talked more than she does at home. I think she just gets bored at home with me. :-)
Tracy had bags fixed up for each child and we all brought valentines to exchange! I ALMOST handmade some but ended up just buying cute little puppies and kitten ones at Wal-Mart. We got all kinds of cute ones from sugar cookies to candy to playdough hearts!
Erin and Kinley - they look so much alike
Brandon and Vonda
Sweet girls doing what girlfriends do - sharing a snack of goldfish (don't you love all the bows?)
The bigger kids all decorated cupcakes
Emily was loving hers!
Alex' mom made her the CUTEST outfit - I SO wish I could sew! I wish you could see it! Tracy made all the kids one and older aprons!
When we got home Harper and Dawson surveyed the valentines (I'm cracking up at Dawson licking his lips - he knew there was candy involved).
Harper was most interested in this sucker
Playing with her playdough heart
Harper's cute apron - maybe next year we will bake heart cookies together!

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