Friday, February 05, 2010

Just a bunch of Topics on a Gloomy Friday!

I don't know about where you are - but it's a gloomy day here in AR. It snowed hard this morning (but didn't stick) and is now cold and gray. We have another big snow coming Monday. We never get this much snow like we have this year. It's been a long winter. :-) But I'm thankful for a warm house! I have a bunch of things running through my mind today and here are just a few of them:

One year ago today I finally got to put this sweet "going home" dress on Harper and take her home from the hospital. I was scared to death to take her home and to try to take care of her without monitors or nurses on call. But it was just the beginning to a very sweet time!
Today we ate lunch with my friend Jenna and Harper's friend Brayden who was her fellow NICU baby. They enjoyed lunch for a while and then decided they were both tired and just laid their heads on the table. It was cute and funny! I guess lunch can really wear you out sometimes!
Speaking of is an update on Giant Frosty. We still have a little snow on the ground and Frosty's head is starting to roll........but a week later and he's still there. I'm wondering how long he will seriously last.

I shared recently about one of my friend's husbands who just went to Haiti as a doctor. He is back now and Jennifer is sharing his journal while he was there on her blog. I thought you might enjoy following along to read from a personal account. Also - a team from my church of doctors and nurses just left today with the same ministry to continue the work that Lance and his team were doing. I'm so proud of my church family and their hearts for giving and outreach and missions. You can follow their week HERE. I know they would LOVE your prayers!

And finally - I went to MOPS today and we were discussing ways to appreciate our husbands more and how to spend more time and energy on them and not to always put our kids first. We had a lot of great discussions on ways to make time for them and how to make them feel special. I'd love to hear things you do or ways you carve out time for just you and your spouse. It can be so hard when we have so much on our to do list and kids who need so much out of us but it's so important not to forget our husbands! I'm lucky because Harper has a very early bedtime so night time is reserved for time alone. We don't really ever get out alone much but we are able to eat dinner together and watch DVR'd shows and just talk most nights for several hours. It's always so nice to have those quiet nights together! A lot more fun than going out for me! :-)

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