Monday, February 08, 2010

Welcome from snowy Arkansas. I have lived in Northwest AR for the last 15 years and it has never snowed as much as it has this year. It's CRAZY!

WOW - that's all I can say about the post below this one. Thank you to so many of you to be open and share your amazing testimonies. I mean - WOW! I love hearing what God has done in your lives. No - you do not all have happy endings but the one thing that remains the same - is each of you found that truly God is all you need! And I know many of you are waiting for God to write the back of your cardboard. As I read reports of our church team in Haiti - I'm reminded so much of that fact!

Did ya'll have a good weekend? We did. It was pretty low key but nice. Saturday we had a little family outing. We ate lunch at Chick-fil-a (which Harper LOVES)! She tries to stuff it all in her mouth at one time. I have to remind her to pace herself. And then we went to Sam's. Exciting day! :-)
Laurie went to visit friends in Little Rock while Steve kept the girls. He came over to work out with Scott that afternoon and I kept all 3 girls. Harper had a great time. Emily is SO sweet with her. She just talks to her and hugs her. And Harper is infatuated. I love this picture because you can tell how much she just looks up to Emily.
Such a pretty girl
And pretty Sarah Kate just cracks me up. She loves on Harper too! I love these girls so much!
Sunday we had the BEST morning at church. Just an amazing church service. After church, Scott took Harper home and I went to MiMi's and met Kate for lunch. She was in town from OK and we ate and did a little shopping. Here we are outside Forever 21 where we found some cute accessories. ha! We tried to take our picture inside and they said we couldn't. I guess we looked like we might steal their designs and turn them into lines at our own stores. ha!
We had planned to go to a Sunday School Super Bowl party but I was gone most of the afternoon and we just decided we wanted a quiet night at home. So we got pizza and hung out. I would be lying if I said I watched the game. I got Harper to bed and then to Wal-Mart and got groceries for the big snow and I was pretty much the only customer. But I did want to show you I was wearing my black and gold! Who Dat? (Hey I lived in New Orleans when I was little! And I love me some fleur de lis!)

Two things I wanted to share with you:
If you live in the Tulsa area tomorrow (and maybe in other areas) - you can get 59 cent hamburgers and 69 cent cheeseburgers and the proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House! So go eat up!!!! We are going next week to take all of Harper's goodies from her party to the RMH and I can't wait!

Also - I have a blog friend, Lynnette, who has an amazing story. She has lost 3 children and just has so much to share from it. She is writing a book about the night she lost one of her daughters. The 911 operator who took the call ended up getting saved because of the call. She is writing both of their stories in parallel. It will be a very inspiring book and I thought you might like to check out her blog and follow her so you will know when the book "He heard Hannah" comes out!

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