Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snowy Sunday

We didn't have church today. A lot of roads are clear but a lot are still really bad. So we spent another day inside. Scott watched Harper most of the day so I could tackle some projects. They had fun - doing things like wearing bowls on their heads. ha!

Before & After

One of the main projects I wanted to tackle from the day I quit to stay home was to organize my pantry on the side that holds all my serving dishes. We were given so many wonderful things for our wedding and I love to entertain so I have a ton of serving platters and bowls, etc. But over time it had become a big MESS! (as you can see on the left). So I took everything out and finally got it organized. YEAY! That's one project down.

Another thing I wanted to do even before Christmas was to put together a box to send to the Promise House in Little Rock. Every since I visited them in the fall - I have had them on my heart to help them so I try to get things here and there to send them. I was excited to include copies of a blog friend Marla's devotional book for pregnant women called Expecting: Praying for Your Child's Development-Body and Soul

I hope through this book - it will encourage those girls and point them to Jesus.
(By the way - if any of you live anywhere around Central AR - they are doing a maternity clothing drive for the girls so if you have any clothes you would like to donate - you can find out what to do HERE.)

This afternoon - one of Harper's friends Ella Kate was having a birthday party. We REALLY wanted to go. I know it was something Harper would have SO much fun at and I was ready to get out of the house. So we got all dressed and I got in the car and drove through our neighborhood - got to the end of our subdivision and then I drove straight back home. I have NEVER driven on roads that bad and even though I was sure the main roads were fine - I decided it was just not worth it and didn't want to risk anything happening to me or Harper just so we could go to a birthday party. Scott offered to drive us but by then - the party would have been halfway over before we got there. So we are sad to miss but I guess it's for the best.
It looks like we will spend another day at home tomorrow. I'm really wishing Sonic made home deliveries. ha! Hopefully things will begin to melt tomorrow so we can get out this week!
At least I have a cutie to spend my days with. She cracks me up - she is constantly smiling and she crinkles up her nose and shuts her eyes and shows all her teeth when she smiles. She has also started to "give us five" and she LOVES to do that! She is just the BEST!

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