Monday, January 25, 2010


This weekend was Bid Day at the college I went to and I was looking at pictures on facebook because one of the girls in my sorority when I was there is now the sponsor. I was thinking back to rush and the week I pledged. That was such a fun time in my life. I went to a Baptist College and we didn't have national sororities .......we had "social clubs". Some of the girls I pledged with are still my friends today.....including my best friend Laurie.
I was thinking about why being in a sorority is so fun. I think as girls/women - we just NEED girlfriends. We need people to laugh with and to cry with. We need friends to go out to eat with and shop with and to pray with.
This may look alarming if you didn't go to OBU but our letters were XXX. ha! (Tri Chi was the name of our club.) Chi (X) is the Greek symbol for CHRIST! Our motto was sisters in Christ. So the motives were pure when they picked that name but it later started to look bad to outsiders and they use the letters TC now. ha! I'm the dark headed girl holding the football! I LOVED intramural football!
Anyway ....... my college days are long over but lately I feel like I'm still in a sorority. The motherhood sorority. These girls in my Sunday School class have been like that for me. We may not go to functions, dances, date dashes or outings...........but we go to MOPS group, play group, Bible Study and Sunday School dinners. These girls prayed for me when we wanted a child and now are there to talk about everything from dirty diapers to runny noses to cute dresses to missions. We keep each others kids, we take each other dinner, we throw each other showers. My heart is so full and so thankful for the friends God has given me.

I just think it's SO important to have girlfriends. You may only have one. You may have fifty. But we all need some kind of "sorority". I feel like all of you in blog land are kind of a Sorority for me as well! I feel like we should hold hands in a circle and sing. And then take a bunch of pictures and pose in the "sorority squat". (See me in the picture above!)

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