Friday, January 29, 2010

Show Us Your Life - FASHION TIPS

Today is Show Us Your Life - Fashion Tips. And honestly I'm a little "chawed". I just feel real out of style most days. I have learned to just figure out what works for me. I like to stay as close to "in style" as I can but I'm 36 and have big hips and let's face it - all styles will not work.

And my style has changed over the last year. I always used to wear heels and now I NEVER do. I've traded all my shoes in for flats and flat boots and I'm so happy. I just can't do heels anymore. Especially being a SAHM and carrying around a big baby and a lot of gear all the time. I refuse to be in pain. ha!

I guess my fashion tip is just my signature look. I say it's my signature look only because people are always dressing like this and then saying or sending me pics and saying "hey - I look like Kelly today". ha! I do this out of complete necessity - it stretches my wardrobe.

My main fashion wardrobe consists of a lot of dresses and in the winter I put turtlenecks or long sleeve shirts underneath with tights or leggings and flats or mostly boots. And then in the summer - I pair the same dresses with flip flops or sandals. As you can tell in this pictures - I've started putting Harper in the same thing. I find myself putting long sleeved shirts under dresses for her all the time. ha!
I got this cute Gold Dress at Ann Taylor loft on sale for $20!!! So I put my black t-neck and tights underneath and I just loved it. I had a big pearl necklace to wear with it.

Here is Harper sporting the look once again.

I found I had to really change my wardrobe when I was nursing......whoa - that's a whole other post for a different day. I'm so glad to be free to wear what I want again and not worry constantly about how Harper was going to eat. ha!

Ya'll are all at different places in life - so it will be fun to hear different tips - or what you like to wear. Maybe I can get ideas on how to stretch my wardrobe even more. I've been adding scarfs to plain black dresses and that has been fun and I've also worn jeans a LOT more this year. I have never worn jeans in my life until this past year but life changes, huh?

And leggings have become my best friend! SO much more comfortable than jeans but you can make them dressier like under a dress or tunic and better than yoga or sweat pants! LOVE them!

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