Friday, January 22, 2010

More on Haiti

I'm sure most of you are watching the Haiti special tonight. I still pray and think about Haiti every hour of every day. Compassion is putting together something very exciting to support the work there - hopefully I'll be sharing about that soon.

I wanted to tell you about one of my good friends from college. She and I lived on the same hall for a couple of years and now she lives practically down the street from me. Her husband is a doctor in our area. He also went to OBU but was older so I didn't know him (although I was pre-med for 3 semesters and I remember him being in charge of our Chem lab)(Yes - I was pre-med - that's a story for another time entitled "how I nearly flunked out of college").

Anyway Lance (or Dr. Faddis) called his mission pastor at his church this week and said "I want to go." They quickly put together a team of doctors, nurses and pastors and they will be leaving Thursday to go. They are taking tents to stay in and protein bars to eat. It's going to be a rough trip for them but they are going to set up a clinic and do medical work. I have been thinking a lot lately that if I was a doctor - I would want to go over there. Well, I'm obviously not a doctor (since I BARELY passed anatomy) but I can do two things - pray for my friend who is going and ask you to and support him and his team and ask you to. Lance and Jennifer have four young children so obviously pray for them and for his safety.

I've already asked you to support in one way or another and you did in a big way. We recieved 842 comments and we will be making our donation to Compassion this week in YOUR honor!!! If all of you gave even $10 - that's $8500 before we donate! AWESOME!

Dr. Faddis and his team are working through a group called Thirst No More. 100% of donations are going to medical supplies and Primary assistant kits. You can read about it here. You can know that if you donate - it will be going directly to help the Haiti people who are sick or injured or need supplies.
Go here and read more and I'd love if you would think about helping!

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