Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Because I don't always use my nice camera

I took several pics with my phone today because I never had a camera here is our day through my phone!

I wore glasses today for the first time I can remember. My problem is I have never practiced "good contacts care" so I obviously need to work on that.

I met a blog friend, Courtney cox (real name) for lunch at Olive Garden. She is so fun! Her little boy Tate did not want to pose. Harper really liked him!

After lunch, Harper and I hit target. You can see how happy they made her! We are supossed to get a huge ice and snow storm starting tomorrow which means cabin fever! It's crazy because exactly one year ago there was a HUGE ice/snow storm here and we were in the hospital in Tulsa.

I got Harper a little princess little people Lego set. I'm hoping it will help keep her entertained while we are stuck at home for days.

And I had to get last minute supplies ( you don't see diet coke and food I already bought a couple of days ago to prepare). (No - the Peanut butter isn't for the brownies.......Scott likes to eat PB and I like to eat brownies. ha!)

Stay warm!

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