Thursday, June 04, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - THE OFFICE


Friday, June 12 - Bathrooms

Friday, June 19 - your choice - playroom, bonus room, laundry room
Friday, June 26 - Master Bedroom
Friday, July 3 - Garage/Yard
Friday, July 10th - Foyers

We are lucky enough to have two offices in our house. So we each have one. I haven't done hardly anything with Scott's office - it's just kind of a man cave. His old couch from before we were married with Cowboys blanket laying on it. Lots of Hog stuff.
I love this window with the window seat. It holds a lot of stuff and gives us extra storage.
Dawson loves to look out this window and bark at anything that moves. Especially the mail man, garbage men, or the UPS men. And especially when Harper is sleeping. UGH!
A shadow box of Scott's high school glory days
Scott's desk - where all the nerdy action happens (I'm just kidding but he is a computer programmer so I'm just saying..............)
My favorite thing - a picture of Razorback stadium
And in our laundry room - is my little office. I used to sit in here all the time B.H. (that's Before Harper) but now I really don't have much time. But sometimes at night I will sit in here to try and check up on blogs or e-mail. I mostly use a laptop in the living room where I can feed her and surf the internet at the same time.
Scott mounted this little TV for me. And made me this corner shelf.
My sweet friend Kelli made me this little name picture. LOVE IT!
Sitting on my desk is my Bible and a reminder to order seat backs for our football tickets.
Our wedding picture
I LOVE this lamp
I made this bulletin board last year. These are cards and notes people sent me when I was struggling with infertility. They are very special to me. I also have several precious birth announcements.
My diaper bag and purse always sit right here just waiting to be picked up and taken on the go!
I had planned way before I got pregnant on finding a special diaper bag and then I was given about 5 different ones - mostly made for me and I love them all and switch out a lot. I will post about them some day soon.

Okay - let's see your offices! I know not everyone has an office but I'm sure we will enjoy touring the ones that do. I have to be honest - I've only made it through about 25% of the kid rooms. I have absolutely LOVED them - just ran out of time but I will make it through.
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Anonymous said...

When are the books going to be giving away?

Natalie said...

Love your little nook~ I would love a space like that for my things. We have a sunroom with a computer and desk and then I just set up my little laptop wherever I am. I'm kind of an email addict, so I tend to run in and check it a million times a day. Love, love, love your space! Looks cozy!

Jess :) said...

So cool! I love your little area, especially your bulletin board! Looks just like something similar to what I have!! :)

Love and Hugs

Melanie said...

Girl....I WANT your lamp!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Cute office!!! :) I wish I had one. My office is sitting in the bed with my laptop usually :)

Kelley said...

You both have neat offices. Everything is so organized. Go Hogs!

Heather said...

I love your little nook and that window seat is so awesome!! Love the curtains and it looks so nice in there!! I love everything, minus the Arkansas stuff! :) I am a UK girl!!! I am loving these tours Kelly!!! You have a fabulous decorating style!!

Unknown said...

Love it! I love homes/rooms that are so personal.

Heather said...

Oh and I LOVE that diaper bag!!!!

Saved Girl ♥ said...

Two questions! :)
1. Where is your bible from.
2. Can you show us your purse and diaper bag in a little more detail and tell us where they are from?

Love your nook. It's adorable.

Thanks for sharing.

Courtney said...

Your offices are great, they seem to suit both of your perfectly. I am not posting this week, but can't wait to look through them to get some inspiration for my office area (total disaster right now). I finally finished all the nurseries, they were all great!

Melissa Miller said...

Very nice Kelly!
I have never seen an office in a laundry room before. Love the creative use of space.
Precious lamp too!

Can you share the source of the "Stamps" name in a frame? That is awesome!
I would love to buy one if it's an ETSY shop.

Thanks for hosting again!
~Melissa :)

Keely said...

Love your little desk. Your monogrammed chair/slipcover is adorable. Thanks for hosting this! It's been so fun.

annalee said...

that bulletin board filled with those words is precious.
and i'm in love with your girly office chair!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love your home!

Karyn said...

You little office is adorable. Your house is as cute as your baby. Blessings!

Alphabet Soup Momma said...

Love the window seat, I have always wanted one! And your black and red polka dot lamp is to die for! Can we trade lamps??

Queen Bee said...

Love your cute nook! It's perfect I want one. I wish I had a little girly room in my house full of boys!!

Embellished Bayou said...

It's great that you have a little space all your own!

Cody Jean said...

I love your window seat in Scott's office and the mongrammed chair cover in your office. All of the details in your little space really make it special.

Thanks for sharing!

Melissa said...

I love your office space. I really like the TV and corner shelf, but the whole thing is very cute! I need a TV in my office.

Because of Love said...

I don't have a home office really, so there isn't anything for me to post this week, but I still am going to have to check everyone's out.

Your little desk area is so perfect! Love it! And that lamp shade is super cute.

Anonymous said...

I am new to the house tour friday's so I had to play a little catch up - Your house is fabulous... I hope you stop by for a tour :) Oh and I am totally in love with your blog...

Jessica Bene said...

I love your office spaces! Question-What is that cute little black and white book with your initial on it sitting on the left of your desk? I love it!!

Sonya said...

I love your office area! Very nice! The picture of the stadium is really cool too!

tiarastantrums said...

I ADORE that little nook you have tucked away - what a great idea - I may have to scour my house to see if I can do that somewhere!!

Can you come over to my house and just "finish" touching everything up just so??

Yoli said...

Wow, your offices are soooo nice. I totally LOVE your office. It's so pretty and girlie. Wish I could do that to mine. Ours will be a man cave! :)

I found you and your blog from a comment you left on LPM blog. Your pic and comment caught my attention and I have followed u ever since. I bet that is where alot of people found you? That's what I've always thought anyway.

Luv ya!

Jennifer said...

Wow - two offices!! We have a small corner right now that is our office. Someday, when we no longer need a playroom, we will have an official office! Love the tours!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! Wow, so many great rooms. I love looking through them!

xinex said...

Your office nook is so cute, Kelly. Love the corner shelf too that your hubby built....Christine

R said...

being a Dallas girl, i gotta say i love the Cowboys blanket! :0)

Unknown said...

I am jealous you each have your own office. My hubby trashes ours - like I dont think I will be able to tackle cleaning it, even just a little, to put up a tour!

Leah said...

Great offices! Thanks for hosting the home tour again.

Family American Style. said...

I love the bulletin board. Very special.

Cole Family said...

It's so cool that you have your own desk! Hey did your husband go to Magnolia High here in Arkansas? That is where my mom's side of the family lives. I used to spend my summer's in Magnolia! It was good to see you in Hobby Lobby the other day! We need to get together sometime and chat!

Tara G. said...

I have never heard of an office in a laundry room but I love it!! You have a plethora of special accessories!

jenn said...

Hi Kelly--I love your desk/office space!! I would love, love to have something like that near my kitchen to keep all our family "stuff" organized! Thanks for hosting this fun journey!


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Love the office in the laundry room idea!! And I'm so glad you figured out how to keep the links up. I'll let my mom know. She loves a home tour!

AND!!!! I ran into TJ Maxx today and what to my wondering eyes should appear but the purple dress you had on in one of the posts! With the ruffle on the front. I think it's the same...Will Smith. I got it in black so we wouldn't be matchie matchie. Just kidding. My husband and I are going to Italy next week and I needed a black dress for our night time dinners and it's perfect!

Sjn said...

First time for me posting where you live. Next time hopefully I'll be I'll be more prepared. I love seeing everyone's rooms for ideas, thx!

creative gal said...

I love this!! I plan to jump on board this weekend!! Great to see ideas!

morethanthestarsinthesky said...

I like your office in your laundry room. Very cute. Mine is in my kitchen which is very convenient. Thanks for hosting this.


Casey said...

Your office is beautiful! I love your sense of syle! I've been reading your blog for a while now and wanted to tell you how much I enjoy checking in with you each day. You've truly been an inspiration to me as a woman and a mother. I can't begin to thank you enough for sharing your life with us.

A question or rather, a request... as a new mom, would you post sometime about how you've been able to successfully nurse Harper? I've got a 9 week old son and am nursing him... but I'm always looking for new tips, tricks, insights, etc.

Have a wonderful day... and thanks again!


PS- I can't seem to find your email on here, I would have sent this to that but guess I am blind. Sorry!!

Reid said...

Love that you have two offices. We have none...but maybe one day!
And I LOVE LOVE LOVE that polka dot lamp!!!

Julia said...

I promise that I will post all my rooms one of these days!

Angie said...

I love your office! Sorry I messed up the first time I posted my link...the second one is good. Happy Friday!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Kelly, I love your little office nook. I have an office nook too & it's amazing what you can get in a small space.

Lindsey said...

Your built-in desk in the laundry room is perfect! Just enough space for a desk1

hppyaj710 said...

I can't wait for your diaper bag post. Our daughter is due in a few weeks, and I have yet to find the perfect diaper bag.

Gina said...

This has been so much fun! I am saving ideas for the next house I have. We don't use our home office much with both hubby and I having laptops but I love your laundry room cubby office idea--that one goes in the book!

Allison said...

I love your blog! Especially the pictures of Harper. I really wanted to comment the other day when you mentioned that you were planning an arranged marriage for made me laugh:) My husband and I have known each other since I was born and while our parents didn't exactly arrange our marriage there was a secret hope there. I always had a crush on my husband a looked forward to being in the same places as his family; he thought I was weird{still does sometimes}. Anyway we started dating after I decided to fix him up with one of my friends. I'm glad it worked the way it did and feel like I am living a dream life. Love the home tours too-your house is beautiful.

Marcie said...

Your home looks gorgeous, as always! What a cute little office you have in the laundry room. Love it!! Thanks for hosting these home tours.

Leslie said...

Go, Magnolia Panthers!!! My mother-in-law is from Magnolia and we love visiting family there. Such an adorable town. And my wedding rings are from Murphy's on the Square!

Diana Lesjak said...

Hi Kelly, your office is such a cozy little nook! Love it! This is a great idea for Fridays! Thanks for the idea!

The Whites said...

Your office looks great! I love the curtains. That fabric looks like something you would find here (in Guatemala).

Jennifer said...

I'm coveting your little office in your laundry room!! That's awesome!Our black and red Razorback office is now Brody's nursery! Haha! That's why he has a red nursery.:)

vera said...

Your little office looks SO cozy! I haven't gotten my act together enough to take/post/link any pictures of my house (I can barely find the time to post at all, it seems) but I wanted to comment, because it seems like SO many of my friends are from Magnolia - I've never been there, but it must be a major metropolitan area :)

Donna Strebe said...

Nice blog! i got this from a friend. So cool how God is using you in other's lives. I have gone through the same thing as you, single until 32 and infertility and just had a baby (IVF) SAME time as precious miracle baby boy. thanks for making a difference to others. i just sent your "hope" verses to another friend of mine going through fertility. Keep it up!

ajgregory said...

I forgot to leave my comment last night when I posted. This is my first time to participate in Show Us Your House Friday.
I love both your offices! They both tell a lot about each of you.
I just recently started reading your blog. I have a 4 month old little boy who spent two weeks in the NICU. He was also on nitric oxide and 100% oxygen at one point. He was diagnosed with Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension in Newborns (PPHN) and pneumonia. We were very near having to do ECMO also. It was a scary time! Fortunately, he is a happy, healthy little boy now! Answered prayers!
Thank you for your great blog!

Unknown said...


Please let us know how you made the bulletin board! I've been trying to figure out how to make a cute one for my office, but haven't found one I liked...until now! :) It appears to be fabric covered cork board that is that correct? You did a great job on it girl! GREAT JOB!


Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

What great spaces you both have! I would love to be able to have my own office husband is messy and I am neat - so our office area always ends up looking so messy - I think you have just given me some inspiration to personalize the space a bit!

Jennifer Leigh said...

This is my first time to post and marks my official "Show Us Where You Live" post. You are too cute, and I don't know how you have enough hours in the day to do all you do. Keep up the good work!

Jennifer said...

Is Scott from Magnolia, Arkansas? My chiropractor is from there, and I think they're about the same age. Weird!

We've Got Scents said...

You are so organized and your offices are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
I know it is something no one ever wants to consider 'could happen to them', but I've thought so many times about everyone who is participating in your home tours and how thankful they will be to have these pictures if something were to happen to their home. You will never know how much these photos (posts) will be cherished.
Thanks again .. for everything,
Matthew 21:22

nancygrayce said...

Well, I want to see the rest of your laundry room! I couldn't put an office in mine! I love both your offices!

Alaska Girl said...

Love your office - very neat - mine is a mess right now! Could you share sometime how you made your bulletin board?


Kristen said...

I love your office - especially that cute monogrammed chair! Where did you find that!?

noahandlylasmommi said...

Love your window seat. And the lamp and bulletin board. Your office is adorable just like the rest of your home ;)

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

I love your dest. It's beautiful!

Sonya said...

Your office is so cute. I love how you have it decorated. :)

Myra @ My Blessed Life said...

I love your office Kelly! So cute! Scott's does look like like a manly-man room, but that's great too! :)

I guess the links disappeared b/c I can't see them to go touring.

Sarah said...

Hey, Kelly! Thanks so much again for doing this. You have kept me busy at work all day looking at everyone's rooms! Its so awesome that so many people participate, I'm finding so many great blogs through this. Thank you!

Leslie said...

I'm not sure what happened b/c the links are gone. :)

Unknown said...

Hi, I have never been here before. At least I don't think so : ) but I came over from RR Mama's blog to say hi! I am SO jealous of 2 offices. I would love that. I have to go see pictures of your baby because that is the cutest name on the planet : ). I am sure she is lovely!

Ivy said...

Love it!! Thanks for sharing:)

The B's said...

LOVE your office. So jealous! :) Can't wait to have one of my day! :)

Shalane said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your lamp! So cute!

Cheri said...

Kelly, how neat to have 2 office spaces! Love your shadow box for Scott and your decorating in general. Beautiful rooms!

Sandy Morgan said...

Kelly, I LOVE LOVE the slipcover on your office chair!! Did you have that made or purchased it somewhere?

Claire said...

I love your little nook! How sweet!


Blessedbymany said...

I have been following your blog for quite some time and you just flat out blow me away... You are an Incredible woman of God and I just love to read all the stuff you share and your photos are great... I just want to pinch Harper's cheeks every time I see a picture of her;-] Your house is absolutely amazing... I was curious if you have a link to where we could get copies of all your recipes that you have? I would love to add them to my own cookbook if you have that available..

It would be awesome to be able to meet you and your family in person some day... but we live in Michigan a bit far away from you all;-[

Have a WONDERFUL weekend and enjoy the creations of God;-]

Kellie-clarkston, Michigan

Stefanie said...

I love reading your blog and I have enjoyed participating in the house tour. It gives me a great excuse to at least get one room a week clean!

Lynn said...

Your pretty desk in the laundry is great. I really like the personalization you have in your rooms...and the picture of Razorback Stadium is beautiful. My husband would love to hang that in his office.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Great office with all of the little Arkansas touches to it!

I love your little desk area too!

joyh82 said...

Love that window seat. I always wanted one of those.

The Albrecht Family said...

I love your purse and diaper bag, where did you get them from? Too cute! Heather aka Nicu nurse from Indiana

Elizabeth-Plain and Simple said...

Love your little office and the personal touches you have added to it. My husband and I also have separate offices. I am free to decorate as I please and so is he. Thanks for hosting this event and sharing your home.


Unknown said...

Since I'm remodeling our MBR bath, I needed these ideas. Thanks. If you can, go to and vote for Taylor Black. She's one terrific kid who is in a competition to sing with the Arkansas Symphony on July 4 at the Pops on the River concert. Her grandmother is one of my best friends. Taylor is shown in the video with our Pure Energy youth choir while they were on tour. Her dad had to go to Texas to film an update after she made it to the finals. You would love her.

~MeLiSsA~ said...

Oops... I posted in the wrong area! I will fix it now... :)