Monday, August 11, 2008

18 weeks

18 weeks
Baby H is the size of a sweet potato!! Yikes!

My stomach has definitely grown in the last week - I finally feel like I'm showing.

One of the people I've had on my prayer list for a while, Julia, announced on her blog today that she is pregnant. It's such an encouragement to witness answered prayers. Her blog is private so you won't be able to read her story - but it was very similar to mine - she tried for a long while and had unexplained infertility but then her doctor discovered she needed to be on a certain medicine and boom - she was pregnant. But right before she found out - she had been reading Job 38 and begun to realize she was focusing more on her plans than God's plans and began to give it over to Him. I share this because so many of you are still waiting and I want you to not give up and to keep hoping. Know that I pray for you daily - most of you by name - and I am praying BELIEVING that the God who made this earth can certainly create life within you in His time! Or can bring you the perfect baby to adopt.

Because I am a nerd - today I started working on an excel spreadsheet of all the baby things we need by January. I got most of them off I plan on comparing several web sites that list out necessities. But what I'm wondering from all of you moms - are there things you bought that you thought were "must haves" that you soon realized you didn't need at all? And are there things you couldn't have lived without? I want a list from a group of REAL moms!
Help me!!!


Holly Mathis Interiors said...

OK i am not an expert but this is what i learned...even if you are totally committed to nursing, you might consider researching and having some bottles and formula on hang just in case..die hard breastfeeding moms will say dont because it makes it "too easy" but my milk did not come in at all (related to my infertlity issues..praying you wont have that at all) and my baby boy was colicky so i had to research formulas bottle etc...after i was home and a mess with nursing.. i found the best bottle to be Dr Browns (which were only available at a store an hour away from my house) and Good start plain formula to be the most gentle for his little tummy (not the fancier, expensive or soy formual)

also i wanted a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag (after all i had waited so long to have a baby right?) but i didnt get one and i am glad because i had the pukey-est baby it is CAKE ($350 diaper bag..just nuts.but of course i love them!) it worked better for me to have multiple diaper bags that went with my outfits..but i am not condemning anyone who has a CAKE because they are LOVELY!

also there is a book my infertility dr recommended about what is like to be a mommy after infertilty..i will try to find it and email you the really makes you aware of not feeling like you have to be in "i had infertility so i have to be 200% thankful and never tired or complain because the baby wont stop crying" you will be tired and it is okay to feel that way..infertility does heighten a lot of emotions but you dont have to feel pressure to be more perfect..hope that makes helped me to read this and help guard against this because the Enemy is so dirty the tricks he will try to pull on us..

sorry to ramble!


Taylor said...

I suggest lots of receiving blankets...they serve as GREAT burp clothes. They last longer because they're bigger! I also loved my bottle brush and bottle drying rack. I thought I would really like/use a diaper genie....umm no! I got 2 at my shower and took both back because we take our trash out so regularly anyway it didn't usually stink too bad. It's cheaper and easier to just put a scented trash bag in a smaller trash can with a lid! Just a few suggestions.

Also, I posted a comment once before, but my name is Taylor and I'm Hillary Russell's cousin. I've been reading your blog religiously!

Taylor Johnson

Jenna said...

SWEETEST little sweet potato I have ever seen!!! And most adorable little mommy I have ever seen, too. :)

And yay for Julia!! That is so exciting.

Hillary said...

I love sweet potatoes! But not as much as I love Baby H!!!!!

Leigh Ann said...

For me, the Diaper Genie was a waste, and I also never used my Boppy pillow. I think the little gowns are a must when they are newborns and they are spending most of their time eating, sleeping and being changed. I would get a ton of those because you end up changing a lot. I'll keep thinking. I'm sure there are more! How fun! I don't think you are a nerd at all. You will be so glad you are prepared! :)

Big Mama said...

Don't get a wipe warmer because it will create a high maintenance child.

I couldn't have lived without a bouncy seat that vibrates. It saved my life.

Amanda said...

YES: Boppy, swing, Super Gymini play mat, Praise Baby CD's
NO: Wipes warmer, shopping cart cover, bring-it-with-you restaurant chair
*You look adorable!

Lauren said...

I'm with all the others... I did not use my diaper genie AT ALL. I want those things (diapers) OUT OF MY HOUSE... So they usually go straight to the trashcan in the garage. And I also wasn't crazy about my wipe warmer. They got cold (or were dried out) before I could even get them wiped.

My must haves are Dr. Browns bottles, Boppy (especially if you plan to breastfeed), The Miracle Blanket, white noise machine, gowns, bouncy seat (only way I got a shower the first few weeks... I would just sit the baby in the bathroom with me), Gripe Water, a SWING (loved the Papasan one... LIFESAVER!), a fun, colorful playmat, sheet saver and Britax carseat.

I would also suggest buying a few different kinds of paci's (if you plan on using one). Both of my babies preferred one over the other and it was nice having the "other" on hand.

And I don't know if you have a baby book or not, yet; but Molly West has some GREAT ones. They are adorable and I LOVE the layout! I got mine at B La Rue!

Pigtails & Pearls said...

Hey Kelly,

I NEVER used my Diaper Genie and took it back. I took diaper, tied in a plastic bag and tossed it. Definitely get gowns becuase you will love your sweet baby in them, and it will make it easier for you when it is changing time! Also, I would invest in a good breast pump. I chose the Medela Pump in Style and it worked awesome! Good Luck!


Anonymous said...


You MUST buy at least two of the Ultimate Crib Sheets. I got mine at Babies R Us. (I live in MN!) They are a tad expensive, but worth every penny! I have had the same two since my first child was born almost 5 years ago and now my third is using them. The Ultimate Crib Sheet is a waterproof snap on "top sheet" that goes over your "cute" crib sheet. That way, when your sweet baby spits up or wets through his/her diaper all you have to do is snap off the sheet and put it back on...instead of taking off the "cute" crib sheet, which is a VERY big chore if you have to do it every day or so!

Ditto on the diaper genie. I found I enjoyed my little step can from Target with a plastic bag inside much more! I used the genie with the first and not the second two.

I could go on and on, but the best thing I can say is to go buy the book Baby Bargains. I can't remember the author, but it will be with the baby books at the bookstore. It was HUGELY helpful!

I am a faithful reader and LOVE your blog! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the previous comments, I did not use my wipe warmer, diaper genie, or baby sling. Although, if you are planning on breastfeeding I would highly recommend a Boppy Pillow. I used mine all the time, and when you nurse every 30 minutes (ya, I know it seems like a lot, but I am not really exagerating!) your arms will get very tired!! Both of my boys loved their bouncer seats, just make sure you have lots of batteries. The best burp/spitup cloths I have found is cloth diapers. The ones that are padded in the middle are wonderful! They are so absorbant and you can bleach them. Hope this helps a little!!

Anonymous said...

I love this question I wish I would have had a blog when I was prego because I think there is ALOT of stuff out there and its hard to sort out!

I could NOT live without:
- gymboree baby blankets they were the BEST swaddling soft!
- baby bjorn - I took it everywhere!
- newborn bundlers (they are newborn pj's and they are the only thing my son wore for the first month of his life) they have an opening in the bottom that makes 2am diaper changes a sinch!

As far as things I didn't need:

Most of the stuff out there is helpful its just choosing the right brand. So my suggestion is to really read all the reviews before choosing each of your baby necessities! Like I went through 2 diaper pales before discovering that the diaper champ was THE hides odor and you don't have to by special liners!!

Sorry this was so long! Good Luck!!

me said...

thanks kelly! i've been keeping up with you too. can't wait to hear what ya'll are having... i think it's a boy! i'm hoping you are feeling better... i've never been sick with any pregnancy.. i always kinda wish i had though... makes you really feel pregnant! weird huh!

Cara said...

These are a few of my favorite thing: Boppy, Dr. Brown's Bottles, The Ultimate Swaddling Blanket, Mustela baby products, baby papasan swing by Fisher Price, Pottery Barn Kids crib sheets, Kissy Kissy outfits-so soft and adorable!
I purchased these things but did not love them: wipes warmer, Carter's bouncer, Fleurville diaper bag

Flo and Grace said...

Oh, forget the wiper warmer, diaper genie, and bottle warmer! Definitely a waste of time and money! Invest (ie. don't just buy the cheap ones) in a great baby carrier (the ones you strap around you....great for carrying baby to grocery store for hands free shopping), a jogging stroller (for when they get a little older and you're trying to get back in shape...much nicer than walking with a stroller's plastic wheels), those are my two must-haves for all mommas!

Leigh Ann said...

At Babies R Us, they have these pitchers, that are like 5.00 and I bought two thanks to a friend. Basically, if you eventually use formula, these pitchers are a life saver. You can mix up like 8 bottles worth of formula and then keep in the fridge in these pitchers, so you can treat it like a normal grown up milk carton. It saves so much time than just mixing one bottle at a time. they are specially made to mix the powder formula. So there's my tidbit I wish I had with baby #1.

Nixon said...

I could not have lived without the white noise machine from Brookstone. It's expensive, but the best out there. When I would turn it on at bedtime, both my babies would instantly calm down and know it was sleepy time. My husband and I got so used to hearing it in the monitor that we had to get one for our room too!

Anonymous said...

I agree on the diaper genie and wipe warmer not being worth it.
I think the best swaddling blankets are the ones from the hospital. One thing I really wanted was a moses basket and I am so glad that I had one. It was great! The little guy slept in it until he was 5 months and turning over! I just moved it around to where I was in the house so it was much more portable than a pack and play then put it in the crib at bedtime. Don't forget to register for a humidifier and a step up stroller once you don't need the carseat attached.
Also, my suggestion is to get a high chair seat that attaches to one of your chairs. (like a booster seat with a tray) High chairs take up a lot of space and you can use the booster seat without the tray once they get bigger and are sitting at the table. A bouncy seat was a life saver in our house!

I was a nanny for triplets before I 'retired' to have my own baby. We went through a lot of products with the trips so I have some professional and personal experience but I am not an expert!! This is just what worked best at work and at home for us!

Also, I like having several diaper bags of varying sizes instead of one pricey one.


Ashley said...

You are not a nerd for making and Excel sheet. I did the same thing. My friend gave me a copy of what she had and I added and took away. I have given a copy to a bunch of friends and would be happy to give you a copy. I'll email it to you. You look great by the way. Has the baby moved anymore?

Alyce said...

Oh, this is fun are taking me down memory lane...we do forget quickly about infancy once they get older. When I first read your thought was..The Changing Table! Most of the time the changing table was covered in diapers, the diaper bag, CLOTHES, stuffed animals..etc.. and we'd usually just change the babies on the floor, couch or bed. I'd suggest instead of getting a changing table, and nice, stylish dresser would be good, and just put a thick changing pad on top, IF you think you'll use it as a changing table.
Now, I asked my husband your question and he quickly said a Diaper Genie! (apparently we had "changing" issues in our home)..but we didn't use that much either. It was aggrivating too, to get it emptied..and OH, it stunk soooo badly. Just use a regular pail or trash can.
Best wishes!

CathyBB said...

I love this question, too, so I'll de-lurk again for this one! =) I'm voting with the crowd with a "no" on the Diaper Genie and a big "yes" on the Boppy.

I want to add another "yes" vote for my absolute favorite item of all - the baby carrier (Baby Bjorn, sling, whatever you are most comfortable with "wearing"). I used that ALL the time, especially when shopping.

The "to use later" baby item I loved was the exersaucer!

~aj~ said...

I haven't read all the other comments, but I'll give you my 2 cents.

Definitely invest in a comfortable rocking chair or glider. I cannot even tell you how many hours I have rocked both my boys in our glider. It is unbelievably comfortable and I have slept countless hours sleeping in it as well. I reccommend a comfie rocking chair to every new mom I know.

Some other great things to have are:

Boppy pillow--wonderful for breastfeeding and also a great place to let baby sleep in a somewhat inclined position. It does wonders for a baby that frequently spits up.

Bumbo seat--Drew is not able to sit on his own yet, but he loves to spend time in the Bumbo. It's super convenient to take with us to friends' houses too.

Burp rags--It's fun to have cute ones, but make sure you have lots of plain ones as well that you don't mind washing repeatedly. We sometimes go through up to 10 a day!!!

~aj~ said...

Just saw someone mentioned a carrier (Baby Bjorn or sling). Yes, yes, yes to that as well. I use mine every single day.

Amanda said...

Hi Kelly,
I loved this post! and I heart that you used Excel. :)

Here's my post with my top 10 list.

I also wanted to add the Boppy, but then it wouldn't be a top 10 list anymore. :P Boppy's are great for 3 reasons: 1) helps with nursing positions 2) a soft cushion to sit on in your hard dining room/rocking chair while your "girl parts" heal from delivery 3) a great! wrap around pillow for Baby H to use in newborn and learning to sit up alone stage. It was nice for the first 6 months!

Mary Lindsey said...

Just wanted to say I have been reading your blog on and off all evening, and have been LOVING it! My daughter's name is Harper Grace, so of course, my vote is for another Harper! I can't wait to find out what you are having!!! As far as some of the things needed... I think most of them have been mentioned, but I will think if anything not as popular comes to mind.

Look forward to finding out!

The Barnes Crew said...

I thought the diaper genie was a must have but was just a pain in the really only is good for newborn size diapers and all of us moms know they are only in them for a bout a week or so!

True must haves:
1) a Medela double breast pump...with my 1st three babies I didn't have one & with my 4th I rented one and kicked myself the whole time for not having it with the 1st three!
2)a Baby Bjorn (with back support cuz those stomach muscles need all the help they can get after having babies)!!

pinkmommy said...

I could not live without my SwaddleMe blanket. You can get them at BabiesRUs and they are buy one get one half off online right now! It makes it SO easy to get them swaddled nice and tight like they like it.

I agree with everyone else on the Diaper Genie and wipe warmer...don't bother.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! Well...I've learned that there are a LOT of items that are simply not needed. Since we gave birth in China, we just made do with what is available here.

I did have a sling sent over. Since then, I've switched to the ergo since they can carry up to 40lbs. I would recommend getting a baby carrier.

Remember that babies grow quickly and just as quickly lose interest in bouncers, play mats, swings, etc. I bet there is a lot of stuff you could borrow for the 1 month you baby is interested in that. (just a thought)

Jennifer said...

Everyone has made some GREAT suggestions! My biggest piece of advice is once you are through using the infant carrier style carseat to buy a Britax Marathon will hold your baby/child for a LONG time and you won't have to buy 4 carseats like I have until I finally bought the Britax. I really didn't know much about it until I had already bought others. My daughter who will be 5 next week can still ride in it...MUCH safer than a booster and it will hold her for atleast another year or so. I am so excited for you!

The Writer Chic said...

I was hospitalized for the last month of my pregnancy and expected Seth to be in the NICU, so we actually didn't get a lot of "stuff" beforehand, since we didn't know what we'd need when. It worked out really well, because now I only have things I LOVE and USE OFTEN:

Sheet saver -- similar to the ultimate crib sheet, but smaller.

Dr. Browns bottles -- I don't know HOW they work to help with reflux/spitting up, but they DO!

Swaddle Me blankets -- I discovered them one month after Seth came home from the hospital - OMG, the sleep we got after we bought these! =)

A good playmat -- we put Seth on this at 4 weeks, and he STILL loves it at 8 months.

Target has a GREAT clock radio with CD player. It is perfect for the nursery because there is a built in 2 level nightlight. The bright nightlight is bright enough for you to do a diaper change (but not wake baby up). I went through 5 versions of a clock radio, and this was WELL WORTH the $50.

jamie b said...

I glanced through some others answers and can ditto the diaper genie/diaper champ. at Toys R Us you can buy a box of several hundred tiny trash bags to put the diapers in and then take those to the trash.

I must say that my mom got me a book that I used ALL the time! It's called "Your Baby's First Year week by week." Here's a link. It's 4.99 on Amazon.

Someone else mentioned this, but the Ultimate Crib Sheet has been the best purchase ever! I know you can find them on amazon. LIFE SAVER!

Other musts would be a play gym for the floor, bumbo, swing and/or baby seat. we used the papasan chair that vibrates and plays music. our son loved that!

Unknown said...

I can totally relate as I did the same thing with the list. Here are my favorite things.

#1 must have - A bouncy vibration seat. This is a MUST have. My daughter would sleep in this and be calmed by this when NOTHING else worked. We called it the magic chair.

I agree with other commentors, we didn't use our wipes warmer very long, we just use a trash can instead of a diaper genie, etc.

The other thing I love is our video monitor. My co-workers bought it for us (it's expensive) but we have it hanging above her crib now. It's great! If I think I hear something at night I can just look at the video and check her without getting out of bed, walking into her room, and disturbing her. LOVE IT!

Michele said...

The Miracle Blanket - a lifesaver for sound sleeping (mom and baby ;) ). I tried all the swaddling blankets and this is the best one, hands down. We were able to swaddle until almost 6 months with these - LOVED them.

Another posted commented on this - being a parent after's a strange beast, filled with joy but also sometimes hard to reconcile very "normal" mom feelings (just want a nap, a minute to yourself, a clean house, etc) with remembrances of how hard you tried to become a parent and the guilt that comes in the middle. Just know that even infertile gals have very bad mommy days too ;)

You look great!

Unknown said...

Oh, and I recommend the Born Free bottles. I am breastfeeding (only) but she takes pumped milk while I'm at work. These bottles are chemical-free, work great for newborns, and the nipples don't collapse. Ok, that's it!

Courtney said...

I'm pretty new to your Blog and came across it while reading "Bring the Rain." Anyway, the one thing I needed in my house was Karo Syrup (dark). When my daughter was about four weeks old or so she had these screaming fits that scared me sooo badly. I had no idea what was wrong and no amount of consoling made it any better. I called my pediatrician in tears and they told me to add Karo Syrup to her bottle. It helps to relieve constipation and boy did it ever work! That stuff is awesome and it's not something written in any baby book you buy. So....make sure you have some in your house! I can't imagine one mom out there who didn't have a child that was constipated! Good luck and God Bless!

Check out our Blog:

Courtney said...

Oh....and I forgot to mention one other thing that you need! Make sure you buy cloth diapers because they WILL CLEAN UP EVERYTHING! I used them as burp cloths for my little one (on recommendation from a very close friend) and now I actually use them as dust rags and for traveling around in my car. Those little burp clothes that are so cute don't pick up anything! My daughter was quite the spitter so you can imagine what I went through! I highly recommend buying the cloth diapers and using them as burp cloths! You won't be sorry!

Mary said...

I'm with everyone else on the diaper genie and the wipes warmer. A trick that we figured out with dirty diapers is that if you don't want to have an extra trashcan outside for them (a good idea,) just leave some cheap baggies--just make sure they actually close, not the fold over kind--and put the dirty diapers in those then in your regular trash. It keeps the room from smelling like dirty diapers for a few days, which is probably when you would be taking out the trash anyway.

I'd get a swing for sure--if little one has colick, reflux, or any other fussy-creating illness a swing makes them feel better. Don't know why it just works! I would also test drive strollers before getting one...I didn't like mine at all because I didn't try it out and discover that it didn't have a drink holder!! gasp!! I'd also get a little swaddleme blanket--they have velcro that holds the baby in a swaddle so the first few weeks in the middle of the night you don't have to try to wrap them up--just let the blanket do the work for you! They have them at Target, Babies R Us, etc.

Anonymous said...

What a fun idea!

My baby gift is always a bobby pillow. I used it to nurse and the kids used it to sleep. In fact, until each was about 5 or 6, it was still their favorite pillow.

A baby carrier is a MUST. I could do laundry, go for a walk, pick up toys and keep the baby close to me. I wasn't fond of the sling type - but whatever works best for you.

Someone said 'the changing table' and I couldn't agree more! I NEVER changed a baby on it, but simply used it for storage. Get one that can convert.

For your hubby, buy him the book "The New Father" by Armin Brott (I think) It is absolutely THE BEST book for dads. I think it was even better than "What to Expect the First Year".

The best advice I ever received:

1. Never be quiet when the baby is sleeping. This came from a mother of twins. She said they need to get used to noises so don't change your home routine at all.
2. Listen to all advice and take what you like and do what works for you.

Good luck and God bless you!

You've got a great blog. And please don't let your recipe blog stop - I love all of your recipes!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would be one of those that says GET THE FORMULA OUT OF THE HOUSE. They'll give it to you right and left at the hospital, but it really is the best thing to get it out of the house. When your baby is going thru a growth spurt and nursing every 20 minutes to build up your supply, you are going to believe "you don't have enough" and that you HAVE to give her formula. You'll give her formula and bam, she sleeps, so you are convinced you "can't nurse." But none of that is true. She'll nurse round the clock for a day or two, you'll make more milk, and then things will return to normal.
OK, but back to the question you asked... totally agree on the diaper genie and wipe warmers. I use cloth diapers (and if you haven't checked them out, you should... you can get sooooo addicted. sounds insane, but so true. you can look around here:
But there are a TON of sites with adorable diapers... and it is super easy)
I couldn't live w/o my sling... especially with my high needs Isaac and 2 other kids under three. But, it wasn't one you could get in a store. I made it to fit me, and only me. I could do anything in that sling. It also offered TOTAL privacy if I had to feed Isaac when we were out and about. No one knew. It was kinda like this one:
I also think those infant bath tubs are a waste. I always bathed with my baby. A lot easier... a lot more enjoyable for baby (and you). And you don't have some big ol cumbersome thing to store.
I got a mini swing rather than full size too. My kids never liked the swing too much, but the mini one was nice for occasional swinging :)

Krazy Klingers said...

Hi Kelly,
you don't know me but I love reading your blog. Ask my husband... I cried when I found out you were pregnant!

I agree with all these moms on diaper genie &wipe warmers.

2 things I would invest some money in are #1 good monitors and #2 a Medela breast pump if you are breast feeding. they are pricey but sooo worth it. I went back to work after my first and had a cheap pump and hated it so we decided to buy the Medela one. I was in love at first pump! I now stat at home with the second one but still use it and love it!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Boppy pillows are also great for propping newborns in so they can "see" the world. Super snuggly.

Also, AMEN to the diaper pail comments. WASTE! (No pun intended.) And plus when the baby is old enough to get into things, trust me on this, you won't want a diaper pail around, just for curiosity's sake. We put "wets" in the kitchen trash and "dirties" right out into the outside trash. Or on the front porch for later, depending on my current state of lazy.

I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my baby slings. Email me for info if you're interested.

Katie said...

Hahaha! Okay, so I may be the wrong person to answer this, because I didn't get lots of stuff...on purpose. All my girlfriend mommies thought I was nuts. They still do probably! But I just didn't want to waste money on things I wouldn't use and then have it cluttering my house (that was the biggest thing... the clutter!).

I exclusively breastfeed for the first 6 months and still do once a day (15 months)and never had a boppy, and never really wanted/needed one. When Amelia was tiny, I sometimes used a plain old pillow. That lasted maybe one week.

I never have had a diaper genie or a wipe warmer. I didn't want either one, and have been perfectly fine without them.

I got a baby bathtub (one that was all fabric to mildew...gross!) only because we were renovating both of our upstairs baths (right after the birth of our baby...great planning, right?!) But next time around, I am just going to use the bathtub in that bathroom and not have the baby tub to deal with.

I did use tons and tons of those little gowns. They are perfect! I was so sad when Amelia outgrew them! They are wonderful during middle of the night diaper changes.

If you are planning to breastfeed, and if you are going back to work, I would recommend a Medela pump. Get the good one! It's fast and quick. I use glass baby bottles (Evenflo Classics) and am in love with them. I bypassed the worry of chemicals in plastic, but the main reason was that I am old-fashioned and they just look nice! ;o) They always sparkle when clean...and I've never had one break (and I have no carpet in my house). Just thought I'd mention it... :o)

I'm not sure if you are planning to BF, but let me tell you...I'm so glad I did! It took me the first TWO months before I really got the hang of it. Everyone kept telling me how they loved to BF and it was a bonding time, and I felt bad because at first it didn't feel like that. Then, it happened! It all clicked! NOW, I know what they all were talking about. If you are committed to BFing, give it at least two months before deciding to keep going to quit. I have SEVERAL girlfriends who quit, and they regretted it. I read Becca's comment re: formula and I want to second it. Please don't fall into the thinking that you don't have enough for baby (it's hard not to feel that way...there were days when I thought I didn't have enough) but I just kept going. It's supply and demand. Your baby will nurse, nurse, nurse and you will think you are drying up! But give it a day or two (really...sometimes it may take a bit) and your milk supply will increase. If you supp. with formula, it takes longer to digest and baby will not be ready to nurse for a longer time, and then when baby is not nursing, your body is thinking it doesn't need to supply any more. The supply and demand thing has been disrupted. I just kept reminding myself that God had created this perfect system. And when he gave me a baby, he created my body to be able to nurture the baby. Just take a deep breath and give it a chance to work. Don't be in a rush. It took FIVE days for my milk to come in. And I nursed about once an hour to get it to come in. Also, remember that BF babies lose weight. Formula fed babies don't really, and the charts cater to FF babies. (The WHO is revising the chart now for BF babies.) So the pediatrician may want to supp. formula. Just hold off....I promise baby will start to add weight! It's the way God made it!

Sorry for such a long-winded comment! In the end, with every bit of advice that you receive, just do what works for you and your husband. If certain things and certain ways make life easier and happier with baby, that's what you need to do. We are all different!

Kelly, I am so certain you are going to be such a wonderful little mama! I just get so excited for you! :o)

Anonymous said...

Must have at least two of those miracle swaddling blankets...the ones that the baby fits down into the pouch and you can swaddle them tight. Lowrey slept in hers until she was four months old and it wouldn't fit around her. Also, I never bought a high chair. They take up so much space! I just bought the booster seats that attach to your kitchen chair and that's what the girls used from the beginning. I liked having them right there at the table with us, plus there was no extra space. Plus we could take it with us if we needed to. You absolutely have to have a swing and a bouncy seat. I think some babies like one better than the other...Lowrey was a swing baby, Annie was a bouncy seat baby, but I would get both and I would get the absolute best they have. They now have the swing that goes right to left and my friend's baby loves that! And get the one that will hold the most weight so they can use it a LONG time. Priceless.

Katie said...

I almost forgot! (in my rambling comment...)

Hotslings! I love mine!

Hooter Hider! Made by Bebe au lait, I think. LOVED IT!

Julie said...

Okay, you know I have nothing to add in way of baby advice, but I had to comment because I missed commenting on your last post. I loved seeing the old pictures!! I can completely relate to the fluffed bangs. In the early 90s we called them sunrise bangs. I guess because we thought it looked like the big sun in the morning. I have no idea! :) We only had 42 in our class and too this day Bryan brags that it was the biggest class in Vanoss. We went to a small country school. And no my life has not turned out exactly like I thought. Parts of it has turned out so much better than I ever imagined!! God is good!!!

Trina said...

Ok I read through all the comments and I have to agree with just about everyone.

wipe warmer, diaper genie, bottle warmer, diaper stacker (we use a basket that can be used for toys when they are out of diapers), pack-n-play (never used one), changing table (never used this either), brand name diapers/wipes.

Boppy, Medela Breastpump (I used the Pump In Style for both kiddos), LOTS of bibs and burpies, bouncy seat or mini swing (mine folded so I could take it to my parents, etc), Moses basket (baby can sleep in this for several months and it's portable around the house), baby sling (I used MY Baby Nest, a GREAT baby sling), a good glider (spent endless hours rocking and nursing in this thing) and a sheet saver if baby sleeps in a crib, otherwise a mattress saver for your bed if you plan to co-sleep.

My babies slept with us until just recently (DD is 5 and DS is almost 3) because I breastfeed them until they were 1 and it was easier to co-sleep for me while breastfeeding. Then they were kinda hooked on sleeping with us, but it was ok, they are only little once. Now they share a big bed and I have the bed to myself because hubby works nights LOL

So excited for you! Kinda makes me wish I could do it all over again, but then I remember how much sleep I lost LOL :)

Snappy Casual Snippets said...

Wow the baby is growing so fast.
I could not live without cloth diapers for burp cloths, boudreaux butt paste, my tiny love mobile (didn't match the bedding but was a life saver), my PORTABLE swing (takes up less space & can bring it to peoples houses), pampers sensitive wipes, a formula divider, I know there is more but my mind went blank.

Megan L Hutchings said...

You are not a nerd at all! I think it is very sweet that you are taking your time and enjoying every moment of this pregnancy ;)! Vance was born in February and I had his nursery finished by is just what us moms do!

I think it is important to get your hands on as many things as possible ;)! Each child is different and you never know what they will like or not like!

One thing you must get is a Moses Basket...they are the BEST!

Trina said...

Oh and I second everything that Katie said about breastfeeding. When I was breastfeeding, I was a BF Nazi LOL. But seriously, God made our bodies to handle nurturing our babies, so IMHO it's the best way to go. It's ALOT of work (because it takes time to get the hang of it and all) and it can get frustrating at times but TOTALLY worth it. I have not regretted it at all!

laura said...

Kelly, I love your heart and that you continue to pray for those of us who are waiting on the Lord. Thanks for sharing Julia's story! I can't help but praise God when I think of what He has done in your life!

Love the spreadsheet, great idea!

Heather said...

OK, I know I say this every time you post a picture, but you are just too cute!! As for baby things, I'm afraid I won't be too much help. My baby will be 11 tomorrow, and most of the things people are mentioning had not yet been invented back in the dark ages ;) I do agree about the diaper genie. It was a waste of money. We used our swing a lot and a bouncy seat. Get lots and lots of blankets, burp cloths, onesies and gowns. You'll need them!

amy (metz) walker said...

Hey Kelly, I'm not a Mom yet so I feel a little like a poser (ha!) but all of my friend with kids say that the Bumbo is their best friend! Just so you know, though, they recommend never, ever putting it up on a table or elevated place just in case the baby thrusts backward!

Anonymous said...

My must-haves:
gowns - I wish they made them in 18 month size!
burp cloths
boppy - I didn't nurse, but my husband and I both used it when giving our baby boy a bottle
lots of receiving blankets
mittens - the ones to prevent babies from scratching themselves. I used them mostly b/c F's hands got sooo cold at night (some gowns have a flap on the sleeve to cover the hands)
Also, if you get duplicates of some stuff, it's ok. For instance, I kept nail clippers, brush, etc., in my diaper bag and in the nursery instead of trying to find them all the time.
And my last must, for a little later, is the duck blow up tub by Munchkin. Once Baby H outgrows the baby tub, but may still be a little wobbly sitting up, it is a life saver. My baby is almost 13 months old and I'll use it til he outgrows it.
NO to the diaper genie and wipes warmer

Anonymous said...

I am in definite agreement on needing the bouncy seat and exersaucer. I also agree that you do not need a changing table. You can change that baby anywhere pretty much.
I also want to add, for you, those nursing nightgowns with the slits up top for easy breastfeeding access. I think my mom bought me a few at Sears. I wore those quite a bit in the early weeks. They were comfy and easy to manage.
good luck

Anonymous said...

For me a Diaper Genie and wipe warmer were a complete waste. Avent bottles, a boppy pillow, and Mylicon for baby's gassy belly were must haves.

Jill said...

Wow, are you totally overwhelmed now with all this great advice!?! This isn't so much baby related as mommy related but definitely have a bottle of advil handy and frozen peas in the freezer. When your milk does come in, and hopefully abundantly, there may be times when Harper is not ready to eat but your feel that you may bust. Advil will help with the pain and frozen peas will help with the swelling (20 min on, 20 min off). Just be sure to label them so that Scott doesn't freak out at dinner thinking you guys are eating the frozen peas that you have been using!

I would also say as very comfortable chair is a necessity for your nursery. It is likely that you will be sitting in that chair at all hours of the night, maybe even catching a little sleep, so get one that you love!

The Garners said...

The size of a sweet potato--too cute! I have 4 sweet potatoes sitting on the cabinet right now--I'll think of you every time I walk by them now! :)

I didn't read all the comments, so I might be repeating some things...I thought the little simple gowns were so nice at the beginning. Alexee wore those night and day for a while. I do laundry constantly, but it is helpful to have several so you don't have to do laundry! I also used our bouncy seat a lot with both kids. And the Bumbo seat was new with Alexee, and I loved it--used it a lot after she was about 3 months. I also put about 9,000 miles on my stroller with Rhett--walking through the neighborhood. I'd recommend splurging on the stroller/carrier system. I didn't have a jogger stroller, and did fine, but I've heard they're great. I don't know if people still get the Baby Bjorn carriers?? I did with Rhett but he didn't like it and plus he weighed about 20 pounds by age 3 months, so it wasn't comfortable for me...they're kind-of expensive, so I'd recommend borrowing one if you have the opportunity (I've loaned mine to a friend, or I'd send it to you!) I wanted one of the expensive diaper bags with Rhett but could never justify buying it, and I'm actually glad I didn't. They get dirty and the big ones don't fit in the cubby-holes at church anyway--a small diaper bag has worked better for me (but then again I'm the one now who goes to the doctor's office with NO diapers, wipes, bag, etc., so you probably don't want to take advice from me!) :) I love that you're making a spreadsheet--I love Excel and try to think of excuses to use it! :)

Anonymous said...

I spent between $200-$300 on a nice breastpump because I knew I would exclusively breastfeed until my babies were able to go on whole milk but it ended up being a waste because I was able to use the manual pump just as easily. I would recomment waiting to invest a lot of money on a pump until you know if you'll stick with breastfeeding. You could buy a $20manual pump now and wait for the bigger expense later. That is, if you choose to breastfeed at all! Also, there is a lot of hype about the Bumbo. It is nice but babies don't use it for very long so I don't think it's worth $40. Once they can sit up on their own they try to get out of the Bumbo. If you could buy one used or borrow one that would be better!

The vibrating bouncy seat and swing are a must. I used to bring the baby in the bouncy seat into the bathroom while I took a shower. The Baby Bjorn was nice for quick trips to the mall or store when I didn't want to get the stroller out.

You look great! It seems like your pregnancy is going by so fast! You're almost half way through!

Kristen said...

As a mom of three all under the age of 5, here are my musts!!

NO to: wipe warmer, diaper genie,and other moms who make you feel like crud when you can't breastfeed.

YES to: Fisher Price rainforest cradle swing, vibrating bouncer, diaper bag with wipeable surface, PLaytex drop in bottles, Nuk pacifiers, sleeping gowns, the list goes on!

I remember feeling so overwhelmed at first reading up on everything. It was like never knowing about, say, shoes, and suddenly, there were 1000 pairs to choose from. I got a great book called Baby Bargains (? I think?) that had a lot of products rated and tested, that really helped me to decide what kind of stroller, car seat, etc.

How exciting - there is nothing more thrilling I think than getting ready for a new little one. I think I spent hours getting their nurseries ready and just being happy and grateful!

hudsmom said...

The wipes warmer was a bust for me. Hudson totally didn't care if the wipes were warm or not. Also, I never used the bumbo, he was just too big for and got stuck in it. I bought packages of plain white cloth diapers and used them for burp rags around the house. They are easy to clean and you can add a little bleach to get the stains out. You never can have too many burp cloths. Also footed pajamas are the best, especially the ones with zippers...easy access.

Stephanie Kay said...

90% of what you find on store or website lists you do NOT need.

I've done two posts for friends about this topic.

Linda said...

My boppy, baby gowns are so much easier for night time changing. I also used to layer my crib matress pad and sheets. I guess probably 3 layers, mostly becasue all three of mine went throuh their diapers and it was so much easier to just pull off the top layer and put them back to sleep otherwise too much interaction with them while changing the sheets always made them wake up more and have a harder time going make to sleep.
I did not use the diaper genie or the wipe warmer.
I don't think you are a nerd you are just organized and you look adorable.

Missy said...

hi there. i've been reading for few days off and on, and this is my first comment. i love babies and how i want a second one... ha..

what i didn't need at all? well everything was needed, just a few things i didn't use as much as i thought i would. that was my baby bjorn carrier. the thing i wanted and never bought, but would have for the next wee one, a bumbo seat. and instead of a full size high chair, i think i'd rather have a booster style. easier to store and of course, you can take it with you everywhere...

Robyn Beele said...

You look so good! I feel like I am the same size as you and I am only 13 weeks!

Bamawhitney said...

I just want to say I love reading your blog and I too found it via Bring the Rain. My DD is nearly 5 and I am a seriuos shopper and thought I needed it all, etc. and usually carry out life that way. But here is what for me was and was not necessary--

YES - Travel Silkie/Lovie blanket (small like 14" x 14") to this day, my nearly 5 year old still uses a blanket to self-soothe at night time, in the car, etc., if using bottles for anything--enough of them that it doesn't matter how quickly you wash, shopping cart cover (gross that's all I have to say), jogging stroller, really good monitors, sleeping gowns, dark curtains/blinds in the nursery, lot's of pretty dresses/outfits (now I know some might argue with this, but my daughter never left home in per sleepers/pajamas. Everyone loves to see her dressed up and so did I so she had a bow and smocked dresses from day one. In fact she went home from the hospital in a smocked dress and bow) now if it is a boy, I still stand by that--minus the bow. I amsure some moms thought I was crazy to have her dressed so nice for every little thing, but it is what made me happy and since again, I love to shop--I wanted to see her wear the clothes. Also, since she mostly wore dresses (usually smocked bishops) a size Newborn could be worn from birth - 6 months sometimes so I certainly got my money's worth out of them, Pack - n - play (we travel a lot)Car seat that goes from out of the carrier age to 60+ pounds (I learned this the hardway, I have purchaed 5 carseats for my one child)

No: boppy, swing, cradle, moses basket (sleep happened in the nursery, in the crib or it did not happen at all), I was a big believer in not using other things to pacify her, changing table, diaper genie, wipes warmer, noise machine(in my opinion, house noise was enough--again I did not want to create a dependency then I have to travel with noise machine, send machine to grandparents, etc.), special swaddler blankets (my daughter was never swaddled, once she left the hospital) i had blankets and would wrap her but I never swaddled her and hey, she slept thru the night from 3 weeks on, so I can't complain!!

Good luck!

Staci said...

Sorry I can't help you with the baby stuff, but you and your little sweet potato sure look cute :)

Rachel said...

I just had sweet potatoes for dinner last night :) It's amazing how fast babies grow!

As far as baby stuff, I think its a "One man's trash is another man's treasure" thing. For me it was a trial and error type thing.

If NWA has consignment sales (like Duck Duck Goose, Rhea Lana's, etc) I would check them out for good deals.

In any event, here is my list:

Loved it, and Used Frequently
1. Good Breast Pump, if nursing (I'm a stay at home mom, but its nice to have a good one for bottles for church and date nights. I have the Medela)
2. Gymboree baby blankets -- I used them as blankets in the car, nursing covers, spit-up cleaning, and a place to lay the baby down.
3. Teething toys
4. Footed Sleep and Plays - unless we went to church, these are what my kiddos lived in the first 6 months of their lives.
5. Exersaucer - 4-6 months+
6. Bumbo Seat - 4-6 months+
7. Stroller - birth till now (2.5)

Had but didn't use
1. Boppy - I just used my couch pillows.
2. Diaper Pail - Just put them in the trash can

Used with one but not the other
1. Swaddling Blankets
2. Bouncy Seat
3. Baby Gates
4. Swing
5. Baby monitors

Brittney said...

Hey Kelly,

I love reading your blog and have commented a few times. I love your idea of getting info from real moms...becasue you don't need all those gimics!!!! The one thing I think is SOOOOO overrated is the diaper genie! They still smell really bad and you do not want that thing in your babies room! We have ours out in our garage now and just throw the poopy ones out there. Here are some things that we couldn't live without. I have a 2 year old and a 3 month old and I HAVE to have these baby items!!!

1. Video monitor...we actually have 2 now...and still watch my 2 year old. It just gives you peace of mind without having to check their breathing every 5 minutes.

This is the very best one...expensive, but totally worth i said I have 2 of them!

2. Baby papasan...I would never have gotten a shower every day without this item!

3. Take along swing. This portable one is can move it from room to room or take it to grandma's house really easily!

4. Baby Bjorn...I put the baby in here all the time to clean, shop, etc. A MUST HAVE...get this brand too!

Ok, that is all. I hope this helps and if I had to suggest anything to any mom it would totally be that video monitor!!! Good luck! I was a nerd too and had everything in excel spreadsheets. I still do...planning birthday parties...etc!!!!

Anonymous said...

forgot to say... If you have a good chair to nurse in (with arms) a boppy is helpful to nurse hands-free. I could nurse and check email. I think whether a boppy is helpful is largely due to how you are built.
I say boppy... but I got a cheap knock off with baby #3 and it actually held together better than the real one I got with baby #1. I made a new cover for it for #4, but it still looked fine. My boppy broke in two and was held together with an ace bandage for #2! but, that was almost 10 years ago... they probably make them better now.

Hollie said...

I couldn't have made it without Gripe Water (by Baby Bliss) (it seriously works wonders for hiccups/tummy trouble/irritability) and a box fan! We put the box fan right at her bedroom doorway and it made the perfect amount of "noise". We are still using it at 14 months! I know they make white noise gadgets but we just improvised with what we had and it worked!
My daughter hated her swing but loved her papasan. Hope this helps!

Gina Dayton said...

Hi Kelly,
I swear by these books:

Twelve Hours Sleep by Twelve Weeks and Happiest Baby on the Block.

As for sweet indulgences. I'm going to go against the moms who disagreed with a pretty diaper bag. I have Petunia Pickle and my daughter is 2. We still use it. I rarely got to carry a purse when she was little so, it was fun to still have something pretty and not boxy and ugly.

Good Luck

Jacquie said...

Not much help on the list... they've reinvented the wheel since my kids were born. But, I did love cloth diapers best for burp cloths!!

You look absolutely adorable!

Erin said...

You already have a ton of comments so I'm sorry if I'm repeating what everyone's already said...but the diaper genie and wipey warmers were a waste to me...and I think gowns are the easiest thing for your baby to sleep in as a newborn, you can change H without waking him/her up!!!!! Oh, also lots of receiving blankets!!

sweethomealagirl said...

After 4 kids what I have learned is that there is nothing that is absolutely necessary except diapers, some comfy clothes & blankets, and a full boob or two :)

Really, all the *stuff* does come in handy at some point, but it's really a gamble because you won't know what your baby will like or dislike. As long as they are dry, fed and warm, they will be content to be right there with you, sans all the stuff :)

Jen said...

I agree about the diaper genie. Ick! I also think a must is a good lullabye favorites are from Twila Paris and one titled "I Can Only Imagine" (Bart Millard produced and sang including a duet with his wife Shannon for their son Samuel). Great for the car and for the nursery (we had a small CD player in my baby's rooms). Oh and this comes a bit later, but Robeez shoes are awesome! I think if I could get away with it, I'd still put them on my 5 and 7 year old! ;)

Jennifer said...

I loved the Soothie pacificers (they are green and completely rubber). Also keep on hand Mylicon. That is some wonderful stuff for when the baby is a little gassy and can't sleep. I still use it on my 2 year old!

Miz Jean said...

We have the Diaper Champ and really liked it.

We thought we would NEED a bouncy seat and got one as a gift. Turns out Reagan hated the bouncy seat. For absolutely no reason. She likes playing with it now (20 months old!) than she ever enjoyed it before.

I consider a good quality baby swing a MUST HAVE! Our daughter was a very fussy baby and the swing was her/our only source of comfort. One thing I didn't consider was all the many many batteries we would buy to operate said swing.

But it really does all depend on your baby's personal preferences. We had to swaddle Reagan and use pacifiers because of her colic. We were judged harshly for both of those things as well as others - because people around us "hadn't done it THAT way!" Really, it doesn't matter so much what you do as long as you love your little one and care for them the way God leads. You'll find your own way and your own "must haves" as you go. Don't stress too much about having too many or too few items in your nursery. Stores sell them all year round and Grandmas LOVE going on baby errands! :)

Miz Jean said...

One more quick thing, I've heard a few people mention putting each diaper in a bag and then throwing it away. I have to wonder if there isn't a way to make a little less environmental impact than that. I realize the ultimate would be cloth diapers - and I wish I had the guts to try them myself. But if we are using disposable, how can we best consider what will and what will not be the best for the environment - even if it is a little more stinky or less convenient for us.

I wish I was a greener mommy!!

Julia said...

Ok so I just KNOW that when you finish this awesome spreadsheet that you're going to email it to me right? :) You're so organized!!!

Jill said...

Had but didn't need/use:
wipes warmer
bottle warmer
swaddler with velcro (just used blankets instead)
crib comforter (but it still makes the crib and nursery look cute)

I had a baby in December and for the first three months I dressed him in short sleeve onsies underneath and the a long sleeve one piece with a zipper. I found the things with all the snaps to be frustrating, especially in the middle of the night trying to change the baby.

I also loved the boppy, a vibrating seat and a swing to be very helpful.

Good luck!

Caroline said...

oooooooooooo i am sooooo glad that you are showing so much!!!!! fun fun fun and praise praise praise the Lord for julia and another blessing this year in the baby world!!!! HE IS ON A ROLE AND ALL I WANT TO YELL IS "DO IT AGAIN LORD!!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

on the environmentally friendly disposable diaper thing...
1) breastfed poop doesn't stink. I'd make no effort to get those things out. I've never noticed a poopy diaper smell until I started solids (which I do at a year)
2) You could put them in a wal mart type sack, halfway tie it off, and add to it. That's what I do with my cloth diapers... a sack for poops, and a sack for pee... and I just untie them and add to it til full, then I put them in a trashcan with lid til wash day

Anonymous said...

I ran across your blog for the first time today. I just read this post, and your bio. We too have been trying for over 2 years to start our family. It brings me to my knees more than anything else ever has. Thanks for sharing your story and Julia's story. It's so easy to be selfish and angry and discouraged. But God is sovereign over all, even when I forget it.

Heather said...

Kelly- you got so many great suggestions! I just wanted to say "thanks" as always for your encouragement and most of all for your prayers for all of us who are still waiting for that miracle baby! God IS able and I believe HIM for this!!!
I'm praying for you and your baby!
P.S. I didn't use my wipes warmer either, or my shopping cart cover. (It was a pain!) I did use gowns non-stop because they are so easy for nighttime "I'm only sleepwalking" diaper changes! And we splurged on a "Mothership" diaper bag from Fleurville. It is pricey, but I thought it was worth it...I loved it! Love ya!

The Hickmans said...

Got to have a boppy pillow! The bouncie seat saved my life- we took it EVERYWHERE! Diaper Genie is a waste of money and space. Hope this helps a little... BTW, you look adorable!

rachel said...

Kelly you look amazing!!! Isn't it so fun to be pregnant? YOu still going to do brown and green for the baby room? Even though i am a brand new mom :) I would say yes on the boppy pillow and get extra sleep outfits - i loved the footies and also the gowns - i went to babies r us the day after i got home from the hospital to get more!! :)

Lindsey said...

I know I'm a little late commnting...sorry.

I am glad you are committed to nursing. I am still nursing my little Harper and she is almost a year old. I didn't think I would nurse past 6 weeks with Mary Margaret. I thought I would hate it. Obviously I didn't. I pumped 3 times a day with her (while I was teaching) for 5 months. Yes 5 months. So worth it. Thankfully with Harper Jane I am a SAHM.

I would say yes to a few good nursing bras. Buy 2, then wait a few weeks and see how you "adjust" then buy more if you need to. I would also suggest buying a few good nursing gowns.

Something that was completely useless to me: a wipe warmer. We just didn't need it and it dried out the wipes way too quickly.

I didn't even use any of the one piece sleepers. We loved gowns here at our house. This is a personal preference.

You are such a cute prego girl! Seriously too cute for words. I can't wait to find out what you are having. What a blessing! What a story you'll have to tell that sweet one!

Lindsey said...

I just read Katie's comment all about breastfeeding and she is speaking the truth:)

pengellylove said...

I am so glad that I bought Ella's baby furniture in a distressed looks shabby chic and I don't mind if she dings it, it only adds to the style!...just a helpful tip. I am also glad that I bought furniture that is not too "baby-ish". The changing table is really a dresser with changing table, now that we are done with diapers, it is a dresser. I am so glad that I made this investment in this nice and classic furniture. It will go with anything and will transition with her through her teen years, too.

Unknown said...

Hi Kelly. I've visited your blog a few times and this was the first post I read of yours. It was awhile back, but I wanted to say that I think it's great that you are praying for and encouraging those of us who are struggling with infertility. I think it's amazing that in the midst of your joy of being pregnant with the little girl you've always wanted, you are still thinking of those that haven't experienced that joy, but so desperately want to. I think you are precious and I enjoy reading your blog. I can't wait to see pics of Harper!