Wednesday, June 04, 2008

What? What? What?

Soliliquy tagged me with this questionnaire way back when I was on vacation and I’m just now getting around to it. It’s a very slow blog week for me because there just isn’t much going on (which I’m liking a few slow days). I don’t think you want to see pictures of laundry, dishes and me laying on the couch watching “Gilmore Girls” episodes.
Favorite person (outside family)? That would be my BFF Laurie – she’s been my favorite person for 16 years now
(This is us in NYC about 4 years ago - waiting for H&M to open up)
Favorite food? Chips and salsa
Quirks about you? One of the things that Scott and Laurie both think is weird about me is that I’m constantly doing math in my head. There are times when I will sit and do math equations in my head or on paper if I have some. It’s so weird. I can’t make it stop though.
Any regrets in life? No – sometimes I wish I would have been more outgoing in college and done a few things differently. But I know for sure that just like in the song “Bless the Broken road” – everything in my life has led me to where I’m at.
Favorite Blog recently? Nesting Place – she is always fixing up her home with really original ideas.
Worst job you’ve ever had? I haven’t really had a bad job – probably the year I was a bank teller. I actually liked that job but it stressed me out every day when we had to balance.
What job would you pay NOT to have? A flight attendant. I hate flying.
Favorite Bible verse right now? God is able to do immeseasurably more than all we could ever ask or imagine. Ephesians 3:20
Got any confessions? I once had to do community service and call in to a probation officer because I got one too many speeding tickets in my early 20’s.
If you HAD to spend $1,000 on YOURSELF, how would you spend it? Clothes, clothes and more clothes!
Favorite thing about your house? Where I spend most of my time is my little office in our laundry room. I love it there!

One thing you are bad at? Sports

One thing you’re good at? Eating?????????

If you could change something about your circumstances, what? I wouldn’t change a thing

Who would you like to meet someday? Big Mama, Boo Mama, Amanda Jones and Angie Smith (and I already have several other bloggers that I have semi plans to meet in the somewhat near future - you know who you are!)

Who is your real life hero? My parents

When are you most relaxed? On the beach

What stresses you out? All the what ifs of the future

Why do you blog? I just wanted to keep a journal of our lives and since then I have fallen in love with blogging and other bloggers and it just gives me daily entertainment.

I tag anyone who is having a slow blogging week to answer these questions!


Heather said...

OK, I LOVE that first picture of you. You look BEAUTIFUL. (Is that NYC?) I am a math nerd, but I'm too embarrassed to tell everyone just how much of a math nerd I am... And, I love your office, especially the chair. Very cute. I think I'll have to participate in this meme! How fun.

The Garners said...

Love this!

Leigh Ann said...

I LOVE your office. I would want to hang out in there all the time, too!

Hillary said...

Ahhh...NYC...let's go back!

Caroline said...


ok the math thing is so my with math..blah blah blah...she is so like you and i am so not that way!!!! she loves looking at license plates and coming up with names and stuff! so funny!

fun fun fun

slow week for me too! i might need to do this

Guy and Julie said...

You had to report to a probation officer? That's hilarious! I can't picture that at all...

Amanda said...

Kelly, I would love, love, love to meet you! As much as we both love food, it would only be fitting if we got to share a meal. I'm still praying for you every day!

Anonymous said...

I love that you have a little TV in your office that is MY KIND of office:)

Katie said...

Kelly, that is my life verse. I love it!

Your desk areas is great. I wish I had one!

Can't wait for Hil's shower!

"J" said...

Nesting Place does have a cool blog! I love the blog with pics! It makes them so much more REAL to me!!! =)

I'm a picture nut!

Love your desk!

I might do this one tonight! It's a slow week for me too!

Betsy said...

So many things to comment on!
1-You look so great in the picture from NYC with Laurie!! I love going there!
2-I love, love , love your office! And it's in your laundry room? desk would be covered with clothes and lint. haha
3-Chips and salsa...anytime, anywhere!
4-I went to Nesting Place the other day and from there I was winding my way through so many beautiful blogs with awesome decorating ideas. You could spend hours just looking at all of her links!

Enjoy your slow week! I would have to say the things that stress me out the most are conflict and over-crowded agendas (which I've had alot of lately!) I'm looking forward to a slow week here soon. :)

Jenna said...

What a fun post, I might need to do this, too, since I just devoted a whole post to fitting into a dress. Haha! And I am with Caroline--how can one person be so beautiful inside and out!?! You are a rare find, girl!

And I love your office space! So cute and so you! I can see why you enjoy it so much. :)

Oh, how I hope I get to be one of those bloggers that is able to meet you one day! That would be so very fun, my friend!

Christy said...

Okay, I'm going to have to answer these.

Isn't Gilmore Girls the best!? I have Seasons 5-7 on DVD if you'd like to borrow...I can drop the off at Laurie's.

Lauren said...

This waas fun to read. I am having a slow blogging week, too. I might just have to do this.

Jessica said...

Ughh... Kelly.. I hate math! I try to avoid doing it at all! Ha! You crack me up! : )

Ashley said...

Laying on the couch watching Gilmore Girls...that was my natural pose for all of last summer. It was a slow three months.

I love your office! It is too sweet! Was that in your laundry room or did you add it?

The Nester said...

girl, I had to look up my referrals to see why my blog was getting so many hits today--and little miss popular fancy pants, kelly went and linked to me! What an honor to be a blog that you like to visit!

also, loving that your parents are your heros! I'm one of the nerds who adores her parents too--I was at their house for 5 hours today like a kid and ate BLT's and homemade mashed potatoes. My dad even took me shopping. I felt like I was a freshman in high school.

heart you girl!

RachelM said...

Ok...I am terrible at math so you are my hero to do equations in your head! I know who to call when I'm having a math issue!
Also, thank you for the confession!That is hilarious! You must've had A LOT of speeding tickets to be calling into a probation officer!!!

Candy said...

This was fun!!
I love your office, in your laundry room? How great is that? :)Funny about the speeding tickets!!

Allikaye's Mama said...

I loved your list! I also love learning little tidbits about you! So fun!

Heather said...

Fun post..that is the cutest pic of you and Laurie. We are beachy people just like you and Scott. I just don't think there is a better place to vacay!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am having an awfully slow blogging week, and this is the perfect solution! Off to wrap up my questionnaire now. :) Happy almost weekend!

Faith said...

Okay, Chad and I seriously talked about how funny it was that you had to call in to a probation officer!!! Oh my word, that is hilarious!
Girl, I am with you on the flight attendant thing, I could NEVER have that job...ever.
I wish I could do math in my head, I am so terrible at math though and must have a calculator close by!
Love your office nook. Also love Nesting 'bout she lives in my city!!!! Hopefully we can do a bloggy get-together soon and I can meet her!!
Love being able to know more about you...this was great!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Fun meme, Kelly! I'm filing this one away for when I'm out of blog post ideas.

I think that picture of your dad with his headphones around his neck is so funny. I used to watch my dad do the same thing...just so he could listen to Paul Eels. :(

Julie said...

Wow!!! Wow!!! Math equations in your head!!! That has got to keep you on your toes. I always have to hesitate when someone asks me a percentage or small calculations. I'm so dependent on a calculator now that I've lost some of the basic math skills.

Bryan loves math. I'll have to share this with him!

Michele said...

Great pic of you & Laurie :)

you office is waaaaaay too tidy ;)

Mrs.D said...

I love your office. It looks like the perfect space to blog! Your post was really fun to read.

Shalie said...

I love your chair in your office! Is that a slip cover with your monogram on it? That's great!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly! I found you through boomama's blog awhile back. I loved your pictures of Hawaii. My husband and I just went to the Bahamas for our 10 year anniversary. I love your blog and your heart for the Lord. I just wanted to introduce myself!
Jenny from VA

duchess said...

Ok - just found my way back to your blog. I visited while you were on vacation. There are several things to comment on:
1. you are too cute (I'm sure you've been told that you resemble Lisa Whelchel?)

2. love the finish on your kitchen cabinets

3. the math thing cracks me up. I don't even do that when I'm supposed to.

Stop by for a visit sometime.

RRR said...

Oh, I hate flying too! Makes it hard to be in a long distance relationship! I also have a math thing that I do in my head, it mostly has to do with 5's. I think in my case it is called OCD!

Anonymous said...

Yay! You did it! And I'm so glad you did! It was such a fun way to get to know you a little bit!

I LOVED that you posted pictures, clever girl!

Similarities: good at math, NEED things to balance, bad at sports, good at eating, love clothes and love your taste!

Differences: I hate sand, never have had a speeding ticket and WAS A FLIGHT ATTENDANT!

Funny, right??

BTW - my blog is anonymous and I don't post pictures, but I have a clip up for just a few days documenting my new talent...

I'm such a dork.

Jenny said...

You have the cutest clothes-where do you shop?