Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Today has literally been a "good friday!" I had the day off and it has been so nice. The weather has been so warm and pretty. I went to a class at my gym this morning. I tried to pretend like I was on Biggest Loser and I decided if I was - I would be the first one kicked off because I hate working out and I'm lazy and Jillian and Bob would have to spend all of their time yelling at me. ha!
Then I came home and did a little laundry and got ready and met my two favorite girls for lunch - Laurie and Emily.

Emily was cracking Laurie and I up today. She kept playing with my phone and then she would throw it down and cross her arms like she was some kind of old school rapper. We have no idea where she got this?

We ate lunch at Gusano's pizza and it did not disappoint.
I came home to this beautiful flower arrangement that my mother-in-law sent me. She thought I could use it as a centerpiece for my Easter lunch! It will be just perfect!!!!
I may not have gotten an Easter dress but Dawson got his Easter haircut and scarf! He is so proud of how cute he looks now.
Earlier this week - I got this really pretty basket made for my front door but I need a long wreath hanger and I can't find one anywhere so I'm going to have to order it. Today I stopped by Linens & Things to see if they had one. They didn't - but they did have this little Easter wreath for $5 so I got it instead. The basket can wait.

Tonight we are going to a Good Friday Lord's Supper service at our church. What a great way to remember that today is the day Christ died for our sins. I know I do not deserve the grace and mercy He has shown me but I'm so glad that three days later he rose again so that I can spend eternity with Him! I can't wait!!!!!


Jenna said...

Sounds like a wonderful Good Friday! Emily is precious and that Dawson is so handsome :) I hope y'all have a blessed Easter!

Michele said...

Ok - you will laugh at this...

I'm looking at the picture in the restaurant and I'm like, "Hey! That girl in the background is my friend Denise!"

So I call her up and am all like - did you go eat pizza? Yes
Where? G's something
And did you wear a jacket? Yes
And shorts? No but I was wearing a short skirt.
And a pink top underneath? Yes - I had on a hot pink tank top.

And I thought I totally had sleuthed something amazing and then she says..."but that was yesterday, not today"

Turns out the restaurant she ate at was Guido's or something like that but still - how weird is that?

The Garners said...

Happy Easter weekend!

That flower arrangement is so pretty--how sweet of her to send that! I like your cute Easter wreath.

Michelle T said...

Dawson is the cutest dog! Hope you have a happy Easter!

Leigh Ann said...

That was so sweet of you MIL to send you that beautiful centerpiece. I love seeing pics of Emily and Laurie, but where are you???

Lindsey said...

New to your blog and enjoy reading your entries. Dawson is adorable...a bichon frise? I have a bichon named Chloe. Have a Happy Easter!


Guy and Julie said...

I love the picture of Emily--too funny!

Lindsey said...

The little girl is precious! Love the flowers. Your mother-in-law is so thoughtful!

Have a Happy Easter! God is GOOD all the time!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a good Good Friday! I did too! I love this season and the reason for it!

laura said...

LOVE the wreath! That is so fun! The bunny in the middle makes me smile. :)

Jennifer said...

I love the picture of Dawson he is so adorable!

Mandy said...

Dawson is such a cutie!! Those flowers are gorgeous!!! That was so sweet of her to send them! Happy Easter!

Heather said...

I hope you have a blessed Easter. The centerpiece is gorgeous.

As for Emily, I would blame that McDonald's commercial. The one with the kid with the boombox and an annoying song that asks "How low can you go?" I'm pretty sure the kid in the commercial does the same thing with his hands. Regardless, Emily is much cuter!

Fran said...

Happy Easter sweet friend!!!
Hope your Sunday morning is simply glorious!

Hugs and prayers~

Meredith said...

What a fabulous MIL! Gorgeous! I love the cute egg wreathe too. Good for you going to the gym. What kind of class was it?

Candy said...

Glad you had a great Good Friday! Your flowers are beautiful.