Sunday, January 20, 2008


Today was a really special day. Laurie, me and another friend, Shannon, drove down a couple of hours to go to Hillary's fiancee's ordination into the ministry. Josh preached this morning and he did such a good job. He will make a wonderful pastor one day. Then we all went to lunch at the Western Sizzlin! Oh yeah! And then we came back and they had his ordination service. The counsel of men asked him a lot of tough questions which he answered so well. After witnessing him preach and answer these questions today - I felt like I knew him so much better and I told Hillary I was so glad she was marrying him or I would have forced her to! ha! He is just such a neat guy - she got a great catch. (and so did he!)

The cute couple this morning before church
Shannon, Katie (one of Hillary's best friends since high school) and her new baby Zach and Hillary
This sign was out in front of the church! I prayed for so long for God to bring Hillary a husband and He far exceeded my expectations! I can't wait for the wedding now!
We had such a fun time driving there and back and visiting!
Hope you had a good Sunday too!


Jessica said...

He is a great catch- a future pastor and so cute! Go Hillary! : )

Leigh Ann said...

That is so sweet! Sounds like a good girl got a good guy. Oh, and what about the Sizzler. Remember all the times we went there in Arkadelphia! Ha!

His Doorkeeper said...

I am so happy for Hillary and Josh!
This is the start of a wonderful future for them! Congratulations to them both!! When is the Big Day?

ashleydiggs said...

I went to college with Josh and was on leadership team with him at the BCM! He is such a great guy with such a heart for God! I am so glad that he found such a neat girl like Hillary!

patti said... this church in Lamar??

Hillary said...

Kelly...I look like I weigh 300 pounds in the first picture of Josh and I! What in the world?!?! Thanks for being there yesterday! You'll never know how much it meant to have your support!