Friday, December 21, 2007

A Smorgasbord of Topics

There are times (in business or in personal life) that I like to send e-mails with bullet points. This is one of those days because I just have a bunch of random topics. (Only I couldn't get the actual bullet points to work).

I was beyond THRILLED yesterday because I looked over on boomama's site and she has mentioned me in her post. I called my mom immediately and we were both squealing. We just love boomama and big mama. Boo had mentioned using a clipboard for her grocery list and I thought that was a great idea. I found this one on Etsy yesterday I just might have to order. SO cute!

Yesterday my office took me to lunch for my birthday. (one good thing about my birthday is that everyone is in a good mood and ready to celebrate anything). So I picked mexican because there is nothing I love better than chips, salsa and white cheese dip. The waiter brought me a birthday flan. Notice the "21" in whipped cream. He guessed my age. I love that place! ;-)
This morning a lady in my office brought me this cupcake for my birthday. Yes - it's a plate of frosting. My boss brought me Krispy Kremes. Seriously - I know I like to eat but.........sugar overload!!!!!

I am so excited about going home tomorrow and spending almost four whole days with my family. Just to relax and eat and watch movies and read blogs with my mom. :-) I love Christmas time!


Bev Brandon @ The Fray said...

i saw your comment on Sohpie's blog about clipboards---small world...if you ever see POG, tell them there's one person in Fort Worth that they so brought God to me and I am listening to their new CD every day and falling face down before my beautiful God...I won't get to tell them to heaven but the song about before the throne of grace I come...oh my goodness's like an experience for me every're so are now clipboard famous... thanks for the comment!

Hillary said...
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Hillary said...

Kelly! I'm going to miss you over the holidays (even though we don't see each other every day I feel like we do, ha!)Have fun at home with your family! I'm glad you'll have blog and email access so we can stay in touch!'s not like you're leaving for a month! I'm just extra sentimental today! Anyway, Merry Christmas (and Happy Early Birthday but you'll be hearing from me tomorrow!) See you weekend to be exact! Give my blog friend, Mom Judy, a big hug! :)

P.S. that was me that deleted the last comment. I had a major typ-o!!!

Fran said...

Hey Birthday Girl!!! Have a very merry Christmas at home....and i'm so tempted to order that adorable clipboard that I won't ever use!
Its just sooooo cute! I need to look around and see what i might actually use. Because....I DO NOT and WILL NOT ever use a clipboard at the, Target, thats another story. :)


Jessica said...

Happy Birthday! You do look tan and happy in that picture!! But your new one will be beautiful, too! : )

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! Love the clipboard- I may need one, too, although it would be comical to see my half sheet of torn notepaper grocery list attached to such a cute clipboard:-) There are no typed grocery list in my future, I fear, but the clipboard might cover up my lack of organized shopping!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Happy Birthday Kelly! Have fun with your family over Christmas!

And how did you escape not having to put your weight on your driver's license??? I hate that about mine!!!

Kelly said...

Oh, and thanks for your sweet comment about my girls' Christmas card picture:-) I'm just glad we were able to get one without any timeouts or groundings :-)

The Garners said...

Love that clip board! Sounds like you had a super fun (sugar filled) birthday!!! I forgot to actually say happy b-day to you in person at church this morning--so sorry!