Saturday, December 08, 2007


Today Scott and I were able to work at our church's Christmas Store. Every year our church members buy tons of toys and bring them to the church and on a Saturday they invite needy families to come and "shop" for their children. We normally always work in the room where the children go to wait while their parents are shopping. We give them kool aid and little debbies and have them color and play. The Christmas store is a neat outreach program because not only do we fill a need of helping people provide presents for their children but we have volunteers who offer to pray with each person who comes through and also they present the gospel to everyone that comes in. If I heard right - we had over 1000 families come. I'm so thankful that our church has a heart for ministry and evangalism.

Tonight we went over to eat dinner with our friends Brian and Isabel. They were the first couple we became friends with when we joined our church and we love to be around them. They also invited another couple who recently started visiting our church - Ian and Erica and their cute little baby Caedmon. Isabel is the best cook so our dinner was delicious.

She made these wonderful chocolate bon bons for dessert! So good!
Scott holding their baby Katarina - she is precious!
Isabel and Dominique - their older daughter. She had her face painted like a tiger at the square today and she kept calling herself a tiger. As in "the tiger wants chocolate". She is so cute and so funny.


Jessica said...

She is a good cook! How sweet for her to make a special dessert!

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed having you over this evening - it had been way too long (our fault)!

Anonymous said...

I love that when families come they can hear The Good News! What a neat outreach!

Megan said...

What a wonderful ministry!