Sunday, December 09, 2007

Everything Elizabeth

We have a new blogger in the house! My friend Elizabeth has started her blog and I'm so excited! Go and check it out and leave her a comment (once she adds the comment function) and keep reading. I'm sure she will have a really fun blog to read! She is such a sweet, precious and Godly girl - you will enjoy reading more about her!


Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

Ha ha... I wanted to leave Elizabeth a message and somehow tacked it on to your blog. Sorry!! I am a dumb blonde! : )

The Nelson Family said...

Elizabeth was one of my little freshmen "kids" and I was her Freshman Family Group "Mom" once upon a time at dear old OBU. Now I can keep up with her darling little self. :)
I need to check your blog more often Kelly. You have totally inspired me to 1)Make coffee punch (and I don't even like coffee), 2)Go buy that dress from Gap(I'm getting brown boots for Christmas and need some more things to wear with them), 3)Make a totally cute wreath! and 4)Fellowship with my church family, that I also miss dearly and haven't seen in months. You've enlightened my day (well night really, I'm the 'mole' in the ER right now).

Fran said...

Well, that Elizabeth is just darling and I will go welcome her to blogland!!

And, that coffee punch?! Seriously looks yummy! I'm copying and pasting that badboy into my "files!"

Hope all is well and your days are wonderfully filled with Christmas!

Sarah said...

Hey Kelly! You have mail. :)